Apr 11, 2010

SPOTTED: Little J Packing her Bags

Photo Credit: Wenn
Spotted: the famed Upper East Sider crew bidding Little J farewell.

Taylor Momsen, Gossip Girl's raccoon-eyed, extension-loving Jenny Humphrey, will not be back next season. A source close to the CW soap confirmed that the actress will be absent at the beginning of next season for "creative" reasons.

Apparently Little J's big exit will take place on the season finale when something very big happens with her character.

The ex-Brooklynite has been causing some major drama on-screen lately. With her crush on Nate intensifying, Jenny has been plotting to ruin his relationship with step-sister Serena. Is this some twisted way of getting back at Serena's mom Lily for cheating on her father Rufus? I doubt it, but it would be a nice twist. 

Will you miss the Upper East Side bad girl?

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