Apr 9, 2010

Twist of Kate

The rumors of Kate Gosselin's on-set dancing difficulties are not slowing this mom's journey down the fame train. The former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is now getting a new TLC show sans her ex-hubby, titled Twist of Kate.

In the new show, Gosselin will reach out to women inspired by her story. She will visit the homes and workplaces of everyday women. Doesn't TLC realize that a show without the eight will not be a success? Viewers only tuned in for the twins and sextuplets.

The TLC head honchos are probably overwhelmed by Kate's newfound success. They should stop letting her tabloid covers and stint on Dancing with the Stars cloud their judgment. After all, recent reports claim that Kate is a nightmare.

After threatening to quit two weeks ago, Kate's partner Tony Dovolani is fed up with the reality star's antics. Show insiders say that "he can't wait to get rid of her, even if it means losing early." To add insult to injury, the mom who can't dance reportedly told the established dancing pro, "I'm the reason anyone knows your name!"

What a nightmare!

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