Apr 22, 2010


Photo Credit: Twitter.com/LindsayLohan
Proving that gossip truly does move at the speed of type, Lindsay Lohan is live-tweeting her intervention to the world. Her estranged father, Michael Lohan, apparently stormed into Lindsay's apartment with law enforcement agents in an effort to force his daughter to get help. Lindsay is obviously not pleased and is tweeting up a storm about the incident. Here is the latest:

  1. @Evan_Guerin not to mention, he's the one that's been in prison most of my life...he, or the sheriffs had NO legal grounds to be here at all

  2. @Evan_Guerin i'm not angry, i am wondering what the world is coming to when my father can hire cops and walk into my apt w/out notice

  3. @SpikedTequila they have no right to.... no warrant or anything@Werix i'm calm, i just feel that everyone needs to know the truth this time.

  1. @Jeannette___ my BUILDING didn't STOP him, isn't it supposed to be safe? THAT'S WHY I MOVED HERE! it coulda been FAKE cops! dressed up!

  2. @Lara_Disco my lawyer isn't answering I NEED A RESTRAINING ORDER! MY SISTER AND FRIEND TOO!!!!! HE'S NUTS!!!

  3. thank g-d for my mommy... w/out her, i wouldn't even know myself..

  4. when will it ever end... it's been going on my whole life with him-hasn't he caused enough pain ?

  5. due to HIS drug use.

  6. he has NEVER paid child support, and is marrying a tabloid writer and can barely spell his own name due to his "brain" that has been ruined

  7. let's not forget, that my father KIDNAPPED me from a COURT ROOM when i was 4 years old and is CRAZY

  8. advocate with officers....

  9. i have no choice but to make this public, due to my sister's safety, as well as my own, "my ex-dad" just WALKED INTO MY APT like the devil's

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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