Apr 15, 2010

When Cheaters Tweet

LeAnn and Dean in a MUCH Happier Time
Rumor has it that home-wrecker LeAnn Rimes' added fuel to the divorce fire on Twitter today. The singer opened an unofficial Twitter account under the name Wewenlove and tweeted,
"Watching my man do ADR. I'm hanging with him today cause it's our 1 year anniversary!!!!! Love him!
Like Brad Pitt, LeAnn is clearly missing a sensitivity chip, as she clearly forgot that both she and her current lover Eddie Cibrian were married at this time last year. Obviously hurt by his ex-wife's proclamation of love, Dean Sheremet tweeted back,
@wewenlove you should feel proud of that...Considering you were still married at this time last year...
LeAnn is said to have deleted her account after Dean's reply. Maybe this will teach the cheater a lesson on etiquette and respect.

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