May 31, 2010


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Hollywood misfit Lindsay Lohan is showing off what the court gave her. In this new, staged paparazzi shot, the recently reprimanded starlet displayed her SCRAM alcohol monitoring anklet in all its glory. How long until Lohan manages to fool the technology and the court into believing she's sober?

Double Double

For the first time in a long time, La Senza was the place to be. The newly-rebranded lingerie company will soon have internal competition from their sexual sister Victoria's Secret, but until then, the sassy store is doing just fine. Celebrating the launch of their new double push-up bra (yes, you heard, and saw, that correctly), the Canadian retailer is splashing its way into summer. Model/DJ/Karl Lagerfeld-muse Leigh Lezark was spinning, shopping and sipping the night away. Other notable attendees included socialite Ainsley Kerr, fellow gossiper Shinan Govani and a bevy of buxom women. I brought along my boyfriend for the night in pin-up fantasy land, and just like his smile shows, this was an event, and a bra, not to be missed.
It Girl, Leigh Lezark
The boy and his double double
The A List (back, far right) and co.
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May 30, 2010

Love Story

The most poignant scenes leading up to LOST's final goodbye centered on love. Yes, our mystery-laden, black smoke killing, numbers-obsessed show turned out to be one of the greatest television love stories of all time. Relive the magic of the Oceanic 815ers falling in love.

Juliet and Sawyer

Claire and Charlie

Sun and Jin

Shannon and Sayid

Libby and Hurley

Celine Update: Twins!

Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion has hit another high note: she's expecting twins! The pregnant A-lister had been undergoing in-vitro fertilization and acupuncture treatments to aid her chances of welcoming more bundles of joy. Celine and her manager-husband Rene Angelil, 68, are both "extremely excited" and "just want a healthy pregnancy." The duo are already parents to 9-year-old Rene-Charles, who recently made headlines for his new 'do. I wonder if any of her offspring will be able to belt out "My Heart Will Go On" in their mom's diva fashion...

Blind Item

This very popular female tweener who tries to portray herself as wholesome spent last night in a hotel room having sex with two of her bodyguards (CDAN).

It's pretty obvious that not-so-wholesome Miley Cyrus isn't the culprit, but which hormone-raged star could it be? Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove and Taylor Swift - I'm looking at you!

Tropic R-Patz

Tom Cruise is trying to prove he is still relevant in Hollywood by filming a spot for the MTV Movie Awards with Hollywood's It Boy, Robert Pattinson. Dressed as his Tropic Thunder alter ego Les Grossman, Cruise curses Pattinson after he threatens to wash his precious hair. Pretty hilarious!

Problems with the Pratts

Although this latest bout of publicity may have been planted by the couple themselves, TMZ reports that Heidi Montag plans to leave Spencer Pratt. According to the report, Heidi is looking to move out of her marital home because she is "tired" of "all the fake press that Spencer controls." The plastic reality star plans to focus on her acting career. What do you think about the report: bogus or a ring of truth?

Sayid's Single

Already mourning the end of LOST, Naveen Andrews is also reeling from heartbreak. The 41-year-old actor and his long-time love Barbara Hershey, 62, quietly ended heir relationship.

The 21-year age difference (yes, you read that right) was apparently not the reason for the break-up, as Hershey and Andrews proved to be one of Hollywood's more endearing couples. Andrews's rep said the duo "remain best of friends," but something tells me this isn't true.

The couple, who began dating in 1998 after meeting on the set of Drowning on Dry Land, weathered a tumultuous separation in 2005. Although brief, the separation was anything but boring. In true Hollywood fashion, Andrews confirmed that during the split he fathered a child with another woman. A younger woman. Andrews and Hershey worked things out and continued their relationship until now.

This breakup could not have come at a better time for Andrews. The once relatively unknown star has been receiving a plethora of publicity over the LOST finale, and is now one of North America's most recognizable stars. Would you give Sayid a chance?

May 28, 2010

Blind Item

This couple is expecting. No secret there. What is a secret, however, is what was happening behind closed doors before the baby was announced.

Things had been rocky in this couple's marriage for the past few years. The more she pushed her agenda on him, the more unhappy he became. After a particularly rough patch, Husband decided that he was going to do three things: get out of the marriage; tell the truth about what had been going on for the past few years; and come out of the closet.

Wife was desperate to keep any of those three things from happening. She decided to do something quite devious and drastic. The couple had stored up some fertilized eggs earlier in their marriage. (You didn't think they conceived naturally, did you?) So she went behind his back and had some of the remaining fertilized eggs implanted, hoping that one would take. It did.

To say that the husband was shocked and absolutely furious with her for doing this behind his back would be an understatement. He does not want this baby. His plan right now is that, if she loses the baby, he will wait a couple of months and then bolt so he doesn't look like the bad guy. However, if the baby is born, he knows that his primary role will be that of playing the proud and happy father. After all, he is an actor. So until the baby issue is resolved...back in the closet he goes. (Courtesy of Blind Gossip)

Click here for The A List prediction.

Curing Bieber Fever

A cure has finally been found for this year's pandemic: Bieber Fever. Sufferers of this disease claim the infection source stems from teen sensation Justin Bieber's side-swept 'do and smooth tunes. Bieber Fever has spread like wildfire thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. To help cure your pandemic, thank F.A.T. for their innovative vaccine.

Free Art Technology (F.A.T.) developed a series of innovated tools to help cover the lower regions of web pages from unwanted Justin Bieber content. As they say, "Shave away those Bieber mentions on websites with their bookmarklet, Firefox add-on or JavaScript files."

What are you waiting for? Get cured of your Bieber Fever today!

(Thanks to Chibs for the story idea!)

May 27, 2010

Golden Girl's Birthday

In four short years, the Chosen One has already gone from glamour girl to tomboy. As she celebrates her fourth birthday today (May 27), it is safe to say that Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt has more class, attitude and courage than her peers. Never one to shy away from cultural norms, Shiloh has embraced her inner masculine, complete with a cropped 'do and clothes straight out of a kid's J. Crew ad. Critics have been up in arms about Brad and Angelina's treatment of their little girl, but Shiloh and her famous parents have remained firm in their decision to let her true personality shine. With such a strong will at age four, Brad and Angie must be bracing themselves for a teenage Shiloh. Happy birthday darling!

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The Pale Ones

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hit the town last night looking like they were auditioning for roles in Twilight. The pale ones are in desperate need of some UVA and UVB rays - with a healthy dose of sunscreen, of course. Also needed: a hairdresser who is familiar with curling and straightening irons, not just crimpers. The unwashed, unkept look worked for the Olsen twins a few years ago, but it's time to ditch the drab and pump up the glam.

M.I.A Retaliates

Let this be a lesson not to get on M.I.A's bad side.

After New York Times Magazine writer Lynn Hirschberg tackled the rapper's political views in an article, she did not hesitate to retaliate. No stranger to controversy, M.I.A responded to the unflattering article by tweeting Lynn's phone number.
917.834.3158 CALL ME IF YOU WANNA TALK TO ME ABOUT THE N Y T TRUTH ISSUE, ill be taking calls all day bitches ;)
Lynn responded to the breach of privacy by noting that it was unethical, but not surprising. "She's a provocateur, and provocateurs want to be provocative...[it's] infuriating and not surprising," she said. Oh, and if you don't have access to media databases like us PR folk, take note that Lynn is not changing her number.

Unnecessary LOST Censorship

Face it - you're not over LOST. Watch this Jimmy Kimmel video to relive the magic.

(Thanks to Halee for the link!)

May 26, 2010

Growing Up Gosselin

The TLC publicity team is going full steam ahead for Kate plus 8. In anticipation of the June premiere, the Gosselin clan are front and centre in this week's People magazine. The new picture shows that Kate's hair isn't the only thing that has been growing - the kids look so mature! Are you going to watch the new show?

Poker Face

The over-annunciation of the 'Poker Face' "p" was a bit much for me when I originally heard it, but watching last night's GLEE diva throw-down changed my opinion. Broadway stars Lea Michele and Idina Menzel's beautiful duet was one of the season's best numbers. The striking resemblance between the two didn't hurt - they without a doubt stole the show. Pa-pa-pa-perfection!

Carried Away

As any Sex and the City fan would know, even the most fabulous brand can go from bad to cute. I, along with countless others, have been anxiously awaiting the return of Carrie and co. to the big screen. While I was definitely impressed with the $10 million budget (kudos Pat Field!), I failed to get Carried Away.

The style was there, but the film was missing that much needed oomph. Prime scenes, like Stanford and Anthony's Jewish-Italian wedding and Aiden and Carrie's much anticipated reunion, failed to take the move from blasé to legendary.

Don't get me wrong ladies (and gents) - the movie still fulfilled my much needed dosage of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.  The girls were their normal, series-pleasing selves, but it seemed like the majority of time, effort and budget was put into wardrobe. We all know that SATC is nothing without the fashion, but major funds should have been reserved for the writers. I would give the film a generous 2 stars, and I hope Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker focus on the script before shooting the third installment.

Verdict: get Carried Away. The fearless foursome are the perfect remedy for some much needed nostalgia, but don't expect much more than fashion.

Gaga for Glee

The GLEEKS went all out for this week's assignment: Gaga. The Haus of Gaga collaborated with the hit Fox show to design the out-of-this-world costumes for the Lady Gaga themed episode. While I loved the theatricality, the episode did not live up to the Power of Madonna hype.

May 25, 2010

Heidi Rants

Plastic surgery fanatic Heidi Montag dished about her life via Twitter. Always eager to give the public more ammunition, Heidi tweeted about controversial topics like her infamous new look and her lack of friends.

"My last surgery was the BEST decision of my life! Anything else anyone says (family members who are trying to make money of me) is a lie!," tweeted Montag. "I have never felt sexier, happier or more amazing in my own skin. I truly look the way I have always dreamed, I love America and freedom!"

This blatant stab against her family should come as no shock given recent events. Heidi recently called the police on her mother and sister Holly publicly spoke about their estrangement during an appearance on MTV Canada's The Aftershow. Heidi hinted in a later tweet that we would get to know the truth about her and her "REAL life VERY soon." Think it will have anything to do with her frienemies?

"PS I HAVE NO FRIENDS, the ones who are pretending to be "friends" or "family", are crazy, angry, broke and bitter this is why they haven't been in my life for years! LIARS!" Heidi also went on to reference old Laguna Beach/The Hills pal Jen Bunney as her only true friend. "Let me be clear, I rather have my only friend @jenniferbunney, then fake friends who sell stories to the media about me."

While this sort of online behavior is normal for Heidi's husband Spencer Pratt, it is very unlike Heidi to air her dirty laundry in public. Do you think Spencer was behind today's rant?

Sexless Fashion

The ladies of Sex and the City 2 got Carried Away at last night's New York City premiere. Known for their fabulous and outlandish onscreen fashion,  Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon looked a little blasé last night. While Sarah's stunning yellow popped against her bronze skin, it was too modest for Carrie Bradshaw. Kristen's conservative pink number was too safe and Kim and Cynthia really failed to wow me. Can't SATC costume designer extraordinaire Patricia Field dress them for major events?

Double Take

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin/Showtime/People
What seems like a case of actor-envy was really just some role playing. Former Brothers & Sisters actor Rob Lowe was spotted channeling his inner Brad Pitt while filming for a new role on Showtime's Californication. At least Lowe sported the beanie hat and distinctive facial hair for a role - Pitt's excuse was sheer boredom! What do you think of the once immaculately-groomed actor?

The Remaining Questions

Last night's LOST finale may have confirmed that our beloved Oceanic 815ers were stuck in purgatory, but many questions remain unanswered. Take a look at this video compilation and post your answers to the burning LOST questions in the comments section.

May 24, 2010

The End

The aptly titled LOST finale, 'The End,' left viewers plagued with mystery. The ending was absolutely beautiful - the episode proved that the six-season television drama really was all about love. As the episode progressed, each character was flooded with memories from their actual life, simultaneously realizing they're in an afterlife reunited with the ones they loves. While major questions were left unanswered - the numbers, the connection to ancient Egypt, the moving of the island - the core idea was revealed: purgatory.

Fans guessed last night's not-so-shocking conclusion in season one: the Oceanic 815ers are in purgatory. Although producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse originally denied that the island acted as limbo for the survivors, they were clearly just trying to throw us off their path. Regardless, the two-and-one-half-hour series finale drew in 13.5 million viewers and countless online discussion forums.

The Island
We may never know where the island is, but we finally know what the light protecting the island is. Jacob, Jack and Hurley's job was to protect the light by preventing forces from removing the literal cork and unleashing evil unto the world. Seems that those images of Jacob explaining the island's purpose to Richard was more literal than figurative.

Sideways Flash and Purgatory
The show has seen many timelines: island time (present and 1970s), flash backs, flash forwards and flash sideways. All of these seemingly confusing events and timelines came together last night to reveal the purpose of the show: purgatory. The characters weren't just lost in the real world of the island - they were also lost in the "sideways" universe triggered by last season's hydrogen bomb. This sideways universe, which had Oceanic 815 landing at LAX and the characters trying to redeem their past sins, was actually a gathering place for the dead as they wait to move on.

The End
The show's final scenes featured two much-anticipated reunions, Christian and Jack Shepherd and the Oceanic 815ers, intertwined with Jack's final moments of life on the island. As Christian explains to Jack that everything that has happened in his life was real and did matter, Jack realizes that he is dead. It was this realization that finally allowed Jack to passover and reunite with his island friends. After the tearful reunion, Christian opens the chapel door, ending their purgatory and leading them to heaven. Meanwhile, island-Jack collapsed from his wounds, was licked by Vincent the dog and shut his eyes one last time - a mirror image from LOST's first scene.

Love Lost
At its core, the show is about love. LOST has always been at its best when it focuses on the characters, not the mythology, and last night was no exception. The reunion-esque finale focused on love - remembering love and falling back in love. The most poignant love stories played out last night were: Charlie and Claire's three-seasons-in-the-making reunion, Sawyer and Juliet's not-so-tragic embrace, Sayid and Shannon's we-belong-together glances and Jack and Kate's it's-about-time declaration of coupledom. Other notable tear-inducing couples include: Rose and Bernard, Jin and Sun, Hurley and Libby and Desmond and Penny. (*note in the above clip how the camera pans in on all the couples before Christian Shepherd opens the door to heaven)

Jack and Kate
It may have taken her six seasons, but Kate Austen finally made her choice: Jack Shepherd. The ever-present love triangle had Kate flip-flopping between the show's resident hotties, but ultimately it was island-savior Jack who won Kate's heart.

Moral of the LOST Story
Last night's poignant ending reaffirmed what Lindelof and Cuse have been telling us since the start: the island exists; what happens there matters. If the light had stayed out, the world would have ended. They also reminded us that ultimately we all die, but if we live together, we won't die alone.

Father-Daughter Bonding

Photo Credit: Joerg Koch/AFP/Getty
Before he graces Toronto at tomorrow night's Sinai Soiree, Lionel Richie spent some time in Spain with his daughter Nicole. The superstar duo appeared on the popular German variety show Wetten, dass...? and showed the world that laughter and style really do run in the family.

Dream On

I'm not overly impressed with my recently purchased GLEE: Volume 3, but one song that I really love is 'Dream On'. The Aerosmith cover performed by Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris is a moment to be remembered. The high notes have been on constant replay in my car. Don't you love it?

Queen Britney

Photo Credit:
All hail queen @britneyspears! The pop princess has stolen former king @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) Twitter thunder and now holds the top spot for most followers. As of Monday evening, Spears had 4,958,098 followers while Kutcher lagged behind with 4,946,058 followers.

"Wow!!!!! #1 on Twitter," Spears tweeted, "Thank you! Tweet me some questions this morning! xoxo - Brit."

The @britneyspears account, which is run by Britney and her manager Adam, has seen lots of activity today. After being notified about her reigning status, Spears proceeded to chat with fans and answer their questions. She mentioned that her management thought it would be a good way to connect with fans - and boy were they right! Spears got it right by engaging with fans and accepting Twitter's mantra of two-way communication.

While Spears was celebrating, Ashton tweeted that he "doesn't care" about losing his title of Twitter king. Sore loser, Ashton?

BREAKING: Brittany Murphy' Husband Found Dead

Five months after the death of his wife Brittany Murphy, her husband was found dead on Sunday night i the couple's Hollywood home. The British screenwriter, who has publicly spoken about his grief and heartbreak, is said to have died of natural causes.

Monjack, 39, was discovered and found unresponsive by Brittany's mother Sharon around 9:30 Sunday night. He was then pronounced dead by the Los Angeles Fire Department. An investigation has been opened to determine his exact cause of death.

This shocking turn of events must have Brittany's mother reeling. After finding both her daughter and her son-in-law dead in their homes, Sharon will be in need of major therapy and support. Sharon's close relationship with Simon has raised a few eyebrows in recent months, especially because of her decision to continue living with Simon. The whole situation is very sad - what do you think about the death?

May 23, 2010

The End

For the last time ever, HAPPY LOST DAY! Six years later, the mystery of the island will finally be unravelled and closure will hopefully be granted. Tune into the 5.5. hour event tonight, complete with a 2 hour recap, 2.5 hour finale, 1 hour Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha Lost special. A List review to follow.

Eclipse: Girl Talk

The releases are getting better and better! On the heels of last week's Robert-Bella-Jacob love triangle clip, MTV has gotten its hands on this pivotal Eclipse scene. Watch on as Rosalie lets Bella in on a little secret about their relationship.

May 22, 2010

Baby's Baby

She may only be 14 years his junior, but this little girl has already surpassed Justin Bieber's cuteness factor. Watch on as Ella sings along to Bieber's hit song 'Baby.' Warning: the cuteness will melt your heart.

May 21, 2010

More Trouble for Lohan

Former teen queen Lindsay Lohan has never been a fan of the keeping the peace and obeying the laws. Her most recent scandal involves the Cannes Film Festival, a stolen passport, an alcohol monitoring bracelet and cocaine.

Lindsay missed her DUI case court date on Thursday after claiming that she was stranded at the Cannes Film Festival in France with a missing passport. The judge then issued a warrant and later lifted it when Lindsay posted $100,000 bail. The troubled actress claims that her estranged father, Michael Lohan, is behind the whole ordeal - something which he vehemently denies. Lindsay is due back in court on Monday, and sources say that the judge will likely order her to abstain from alcohol, be fitted with an alcohol monitoring bracelet and be subject to random drug testing once a week.

It's the last request that Lindsay will likely have the biggest issue with. The photo above depicts Lindsay partying in Cannes with lines of cocaine beside her. This isn't the first time she has been spotted with the illegal substance, but perhaps now the judge will be able to convince her to quit. If not, Lindsay will likely be shipped off to rehab. Although this drama has been occurring for quite some time, it's sad to think about Lindsay's past potential - Freaky Friday or Mean Girls, anyone?

Cullen Clan

The newest Eclipse poster features everyones favorite vampire family, the Cullens. Edward (Robert Pattinson) looks yummy like usual, but Emmett (Kellan Lutz) should not be rocking that odd bowl cut. Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) needs to stop hiding in the back - he's too delicious to keep hidden!


If you haven't watched the Grey's Anatomy finale, STOP READING NOW. Seriously - this is not a drill. 

The most successful female creator of the the decade's newest medical dramas, Shonda Rhimes, has proven herself among the ABC bigwigs. The Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy season finales have been superb. Although death is the normal finale choice, these shows truly shocked fans. While Private's favorite nurse/midwife Dell was killed in a surprising turn of events, it was last night's Grey's that took the cake. The 15 million viewers that tuned into the season six finale bit their nails and convulsed on the edge of their seats. The highlights: two deaths, one miscarriage, dozens of bullets and numerous upcoming Emmy nominations.

It really sucked to be a surgeon last night. No one was safe as the deranged gunman, Mr. Clark, returned to Seattle Grace to seek revenge on the doctors responsible for killing his wife. The man had one goal, to kill Dr. Derek Shepherd, many other casualties were caused along the way. In the first seven minutes alone, Reed was killed and Alex Karev was shot (and lived, thanks to girlfriend Lexie and her ex, McSteamy). The next doctor hurt was Charles, who died in the arms of Dr. Bailey and guest star Mandy Moore.

Speaking of Dr. Bailey - outstanding performance by Chandra Wilson. The scene where the gunman drags Bailey out from under the bed and threatens her with a gun to the face? I was shaking so hard I thought I would fall off the couch! Emmy nomination and win for this woman!

The pinnacle of the two-hour event involved the show's remaining core characters: Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey and Christina Yang. By the end of the first hour, Derek was shot and lay dying on the hospital walkway. Christina, the last heart surgeon left in the hospital, finally got to perform her first solo heart surgery - on Derek. Things got tricky when the gunman found Christina operating and held a gun to her head, threatening her to let Derek die. Luckily, Christina and fellow surgeon Jackson Avery found a way to trick the gunman into thinking Derek is dead and got him to leave. Oh, and Christina with tears - the Emmy is in the bag!

The other Emmy needs to go to the usually lackluster Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo. The actress let go of her reserved composure and brought out the emotional roller coaster. The scene when she thinks Derek is dead - Emmy material.

Quick recap: Derek lives, gunman shoots himself (thanks to former chief Webber's probing) and Meredith miscarried her and Shepherd's baby.

What did you think of the episode?

Google's Pacman Touchdown

Google is celebrating the 30th anniversary of America's most popular game with a Pacman logo. Famous for exhibiting new creatives daily on their home page, Google is now commemorating the Pacman franchise. The search engine giant is also gaining tons of publicity for the interactive game design. Over 200 articles have been written about the home page game, and I'm sure the number will grow by the day's end. What great PR! Click your way over to Google to relive your childhood memories and eat your way to the search engine.

Safety Dance

Last week's Joss Whedon-directed GLEE was filled with classic songs and secret dreams. The most poignant of the bunch was wheelchair bound Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale) and his dream of walking. In a fantasy segment that payed homage to real-life GLEE flash mobs, Artie led a mall dance sequence to Men Without Hats song, "The Safety Dance." McHale's rare chance to show off his moves definitely impressed fans. What did you think of the scene?

Jesse Addresses the Haters

The self-proclaimed "most-hated man in the world" sat down with Nightline to discuss Sandra his affairs and rehab. Airing Tuesday, Jesse James will attempt to set the story straight and help reform his image? It's a little too late though - America is and always will be on Team Sandra. Good luck trying to talk your way out of this one Jesse!

May 20, 2010

Oedipus Complex

Most actors say filming love scenes are never fun, but none of them had to get intimate with their former onscreen mothers! In the new film Water for Elephants, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson are ditching their 2004 Vanity Fair mother-son roles to play lovers.

Filming for the Depression-era picture began today in California, and I'm sure secrets from the set will soon be revealed. The film focuses on the affair of Rob's character Jacob Kankowski, a veterinarian, who joins the circus and falls head over heels for Reese's married equestrian performer, Marlena.

I can't wait to see the chemistry between these two A-listers on the big screen. I'm sure they will be able to get past the initial awkwardness of their love scenes, but will Reese be able to handle Rob's rumored stench?

The Hottest Gleek in Town

GLEE's main hunk kept his cool with aviators and limited clothing during this GQ shoot. The June issue depicts Mark Salling in all his glory, giving fans a glimpse of their favorite male gleek. Don't you wish he would jump off the page and serenade you with this?

Original 5

Just came across this picture of the Jolie-Pitt Original 5. Isn't is precious? 

May 19, 2010

Glee Goes Gaga

This week's assignment: Gaga. The costumes look fantastical, the music sounds sublime and the storyline seems sound. Overall prediction - another successful theme episode. I can't wait!

Next Step

Photo Credit: FamPictures
Her acting career may have stalled, but Mischa Barton's career as a model is thriving. The 24-year-old was in Barcelona to promote the Rosa Clara 2011 collection of wedding dresses. Though she has no plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon, she told E! that she'll know she's found the right guy "when he pays for shit." That statement is just as classy as the Taylor Momsen/Little J extensions on her head.

Try Not To Cry

It's The End, my friends. The LOST cast says goodbye and closes the book on one of the greatest television shows ever produced. And Terry, I'll also miss John Locke like hell.

Life Isn't Fair

Jennifer Aniston and her toned tummy prove that 40 really is the new 20 in this Smart Water ad. Jealous yet?

Love Affair

Blue Valentine costars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams looked pretty cozy at the Cannes Film Festival. Judging from these pictures and from their history of dating costars, it's safe to say that some behind the scenes action may be going on. Look at the way they both stare into each others eyes and how Ryan holds onto Michelle - isn't is precious? I bet you it's only a matter of time before Michelle's daughter Matilda is spotted sitting atop Ryan's shoulders, just like she did with her mom's recent ex, Spike Jonze.

Voight Talks Twins

Jon Voight really has a way with words. After famously calling granddaughter Zahara "Shakira," Voight seems to have forgotten the names of his twin grandchildren, Knox and Vivienne. The actor, who spent time with his formerly-estranged daughter Angelina Jolie and her family in February, praised the nameless children.

"One takes after Angie and one after Brad, they are really amazing," Voight told "But the twins are very distinct, they really are themselves. The boy is very quiet, he has this calming, relaxed personality that Brad has. And the girl, well, she's just stunning like Angelina. Just beautiful."

Voight also joked that the twins got their good looks from him, citing "good genes!" He also praised Brad and Angelina, calling them "incredibly good parents."

I'm glad Voight ended his seven-year rift with Angelina, but shouldn't he be calling his grandchildren by their names?

LOST or Die

How hilarious is this Funny or Die LOST video? Watch as Sarah Silverman gets producer nerds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to spill some secrets and reveal alternate sound effects. Honestly, the Lindelof and Cuse are getting more publicity than the actors these days. What do you think of the video?

Caged In

Teen cage-dancing queen Miley Cyrus lived up to her bad girl reputation during last night's Dancing with the Stars performance. While she may have pulled off 'Can't be Tamed,' the same can't be said for this Today Show clip. Get your earplugs out - you'll need them!

May 18, 2010


Gossip Girl beauty Blake Lively appears on the June cover of Vouge, but it appears she is missing her most famous assets. The actress has never been shy about showing off her chest, but it appears to have been reduced in her spread. Regardless of the missing pieces, Blake looks every bit the California girl she is made to appear. What do you think of the spread? 

The Newest Housewife

Out with the ugly and in with the desperate! Ex-Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams is headed to Wisteria Lane next fall on Desperate Housewives. ABC said she will play a "wicked new housewife" on the series' seventh season. This news should please Ugly Betty fans, as it seems that Williams will be tapping into her inner Wilhelmina Slater. Are you excited for her television return?

A Little Blessing

After years of suffering, John Travolta and Kelly Preston are now rejoicing in their upcoming arrival. The acting duo announced today that Preston, 47, is pregnant.
"It's impossible to keep a secret... especially one as wonderful as this," the Travolta-Prestons announced on their websites. "We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family. Love, John, Kelly and Ella."
John and Kelly are parents to Ella Bleu, 10. They tragically lost their 16-year-old son Jett to a seizure in January 2009 and have both publicly spoken about the grief that they were trying to overcome. Hopefully this new baby brings them lots of joy. Congratulations! 

GLEE's Poker Face

Broadway divas Idina Menzel and Lea Michele belt out 'Poker Face' in an upcoming Lady Gaga-themed episode of Glee. Aren't their voices just perfect?

Oprah's Eclipse

Aside from the awkward Rob-Kristen interaction, the best part of last week's Oprah episode was this new clip. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is looking better and better with each new clip released. We all know how the story ends, but don't you love seeing Edward and Jacob fighting for Bella?

Empire State of Mind

Seems like it's do or die time for Waldass. Will B show up at the Empire State Building? Or will C be stood up? You know what I'm hoping for but with these 2 you can never be certain.
xo xo Gossip Girl

May 17, 2010

Kate's Television Return

Photo Credit: ABC
You are about to see a lot more of television's most famous mom of eight. Kate Gosselin, the recently booted Dancing with the Stars contestant, is returning to the hit show as a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. After blogging about "missing EVERYTHING about dancing," Kate will now be able to relive the mirror ball glory while keeping media interest high.

The new role should come as no surprise to those familiar with the media whore's obsession with fame. A source claims that Kate misses the media coverage and publicity she got for her divorce and her dancing antics.

The spotlight will shine on Kate again during her role as ET correspondent, her return to the DWTS dance floor next week and for the premiere of her new TLC show, Kate Plus 8.

Carvey's LOST

Sketch comedy hero Dana Carvey is back in action. His new sketch show is called Spoof and he's partnered with the guy who wrote Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" episode, Spike Feresten. Their first video, a parody of  LOST, has Carvey revealing the island's darkest secret. What's more confusing: the show or the sketch?

May 16, 2010


The hoopla surrounding the season three finale of Gossip Girl has gaining momentum ever since the UK preview leaked online. We already know that Little J will be packing our bags, but judging from this preview, the producers have some more secrets up their sleeve. What are you most excited to see?

ER Flashback

The trailer for the season finale of Grey's Anatomy brought back memories from my former ER junkie days. The upcoming shooting at Seattle Grace drew parallels to the fatal stabbing at County General Hospital. Need a refresher?

The show was in its sixth season when John Carter (Noah Wylie) and Lucy Knight (Kelly Martin) were stabbed by a deranged patient. The resident and his intern became patients in their own hospital as their colleagues struggled to save them. While Carter lived, Lucy died and he struggled with her death throughout the series. I still remember the episode like it was yesterday, but here is a refresher.

The Olsen Prints

Fashionistas Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been spotted all over town with a dual penchant for leopard prints. The more eclectic Mary-Kate was first spotted rocking the trend at the premiere for Holy Rollers, starring Ashley's beau Justin Bartha. Days later, older sister Ashley donned her spots. Which Olsen twin wore leopard better?

For more Olsen goodness, check out VeryMaryKate's priceless video.
Very Mary-Kate: Back to School from Mary-Kate Olsen on Vimeo.

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May 15, 2010

Sex and the Photoshop

With a $10 million plus budget for clothing, you would the Sex and the City team would be able to afford a decent photographer and make-up artist. On the heels of their last photoshop scandal, the girls are back looking a little too young and plastic-like. What do you think of their Entertainment cover?

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