May 8, 2010

Baby Cullen

Like usual, the power of Hollywood is demonstrated through the list of most popular baby names. The 2009 list was released by the Social Security Administration on Friday, and Twilight seems to be last year's biggest influencer. The top names of the year were Bella and Jacob, with Cullen being the fastest-growing guy's name.

Kristen Stewart's Bella (short for Isabella) is the number one girl's name while Taylor Lautner's Jacob has reigned atop the boy's list for 11 years straight. Edward seems to be a little to Renaissance-era for new parents, but our precious sparkling vampire was not left off the list. Cullen, the last name of Robert Pattinson's character Edward, was the fastest growing-guy's name, jumping from number 782 to number 485.

Don't get me wrong, I love Twilight but this Cullen business is just ridiculous. Would you name your baby after a vampire or werewolf?

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