May 26, 2010

Carried Away

As any Sex and the City fan would know, even the most fabulous brand can go from bad to cute. I, along with countless others, have been anxiously awaiting the return of Carrie and co. to the big screen. While I was definitely impressed with the $10 million budget (kudos Pat Field!), I failed to get Carried Away.

The style was there, but the film was missing that much needed oomph. Prime scenes, like Stanford and Anthony's Jewish-Italian wedding and Aiden and Carrie's much anticipated reunion, failed to take the move from blasé to legendary.

Don't get me wrong ladies (and gents) - the movie still fulfilled my much needed dosage of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.  The girls were their normal, series-pleasing selves, but it seemed like the majority of time, effort and budget was put into wardrobe. We all know that SATC is nothing without the fashion, but major funds should have been reserved for the writers. I would give the film a generous 2 stars, and I hope Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker focus on the script before shooting the third installment.

Verdict: get Carried Away. The fearless foursome are the perfect remedy for some much needed nostalgia, but don't expect much more than fashion.

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