May 13, 2010

Heidi 3.0 vs. Mother

Never one to shy away from drama, Heidi Pratt is now seeking a restraining order against her mom. Darlene Egelhoff showed up at Heidi and Spener's Los Angeles home, reportedly in an effort to make amends with her refurbished daughter. Still mad at her mother for criticizing her extensive plastic surgery, Heidi quickly called the police.

"My mom [Darlene Egelhoff] just showed up to the house unannounced," Heidi said. "And after what she did to me on national TV, I have no desire to see her. Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic. I'm getting a restraining order against her."

This shocking turn of events comes on the heels of Tuesday's episode of The Hills in which Heidi's husband Spencer referred to her mother, Darlene, as "just a vagina." Let's hope someone manages to get through to Heidi and convince her to make amends with her mother and take her plastic surgeon off speed dial. 

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