May 21, 2010


If you haven't watched the Grey's Anatomy finale, STOP READING NOW. Seriously - this is not a drill. 

The most successful female creator of the the decade's newest medical dramas, Shonda Rhimes, has proven herself among the ABC bigwigs. The Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy season finales have been superb. Although death is the normal finale choice, these shows truly shocked fans. While Private's favorite nurse/midwife Dell was killed in a surprising turn of events, it was last night's Grey's that took the cake. The 15 million viewers that tuned into the season six finale bit their nails and convulsed on the edge of their seats. The highlights: two deaths, one miscarriage, dozens of bullets and numerous upcoming Emmy nominations.

It really sucked to be a surgeon last night. No one was safe as the deranged gunman, Mr. Clark, returned to Seattle Grace to seek revenge on the doctors responsible for killing his wife. The man had one goal, to kill Dr. Derek Shepherd, many other casualties were caused along the way. In the first seven minutes alone, Reed was killed and Alex Karev was shot (and lived, thanks to girlfriend Lexie and her ex, McSteamy). The next doctor hurt was Charles, who died in the arms of Dr. Bailey and guest star Mandy Moore.

Speaking of Dr. Bailey - outstanding performance by Chandra Wilson. The scene where the gunman drags Bailey out from under the bed and threatens her with a gun to the face? I was shaking so hard I thought I would fall off the couch! Emmy nomination and win for this woman!

The pinnacle of the two-hour event involved the show's remaining core characters: Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey and Christina Yang. By the end of the first hour, Derek was shot and lay dying on the hospital walkway. Christina, the last heart surgeon left in the hospital, finally got to perform her first solo heart surgery - on Derek. Things got tricky when the gunman found Christina operating and held a gun to her head, threatening her to let Derek die. Luckily, Christina and fellow surgeon Jackson Avery found a way to trick the gunman into thinking Derek is dead and got him to leave. Oh, and Christina with tears - the Emmy is in the bag!

The other Emmy needs to go to the usually lackluster Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo. The actress let go of her reserved composure and brought out the emotional roller coaster. The scene when she thinks Derek is dead - Emmy material.

Quick recap: Derek lives, gunman shoots himself (thanks to former chief Webber's probing) and Meredith miscarried her and Shepherd's baby.

What did you think of the episode?


  1. Great post, Alanna!
    There wasn't a second during Grey's last night that I could relax - my friend and I were on the edge of our seats (err..couch) the whole time.

    Completely agree with your Emmy predictions - they all deserve it!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I guess we will see what happens during awards season (aka my favorite time of the year)


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