May 14, 2010

Shots Fired at Seattle Grace

Finale month is upon us and the producers are pulling out all the stops to ensure that their viewers are left wanting more. Last night's Private Practice brought on the tears as Oceanside Wellness Center's resident midwife Dell climbed the stairway to heaven. Other major developments included Charlotte accepting Cooper's marriage proposal and Addison and Sam finally making it official.

Shonda Rhimes' original medical drama, Grey's Anatomy, will be airing its 2-hour finale next Thursday and it looks amazing. After a lackluster two seasons, it seems that our beloved Seattle Grace team is in danger during a hospital shooting. Judging by the Meredith's voiceover in the preview, it seems that one of the major characters either dies or gets injured. A death would mark a new finale trend for Grey's, as the season five finale saw the lovable George O'Malley's demise.

My prediction: Derek Shepherd (Patrick Demsey) dies.

Note: The preview brings back memories of John Carter and Lucy's stabbing ordeal in season six of ER. Don't you think?

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