Jun 1, 2010

Bombshell Speaks

Adulteress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee has been keeping herself busy. Since exposing her affair with Sandra Bullock's soon-to-be-ex Jesse James, the tattoo model has been spewing her venom to the media. In Toronto recently for her new gig as a spokeswoman for Ashley Madison, an online dating site for cheaters, Bombshell found time to chat with Canada's other gossip maven, Lainey Lui. Captured by the ETalk cameras, Lui covered all her bases, including the Nazi picture, the affair and her new gig.

On the Nazi costume and tattoos being viewed as racism
Bombshell: "I guess one could view it that way. I don't believe it's racism at all."
Lainey: "You don't believe wearing a Nazi costume indicates racism?"
McGee: "No not racism. Anti-Semitism? Yes. If that was the intention of putting the costume on."
Lainey: "Anti-Semitism is prejudice against Jews, which is actually racism."
McGee: "Oh ok, well that's your view on that. I don't see it that way."

On Sandra Bullock
McGee: "In a twisted type of way, I guess Sandra should be thankful that I did come forward and let her know that her husband did cheat on her."

On her new Ashley Madison gig
McGee: "I have two beautiful boys to take care of, I'm a single mom. So yeah I have profited off of this but it's also my first priority to take care of my kids, to make sure they have a roof over their heads and food."
Lainey: "So do you own the cheating?"
McGee: "I do. Absolutely."

I may be stating the obvious here, but this woman is pure poison. Aside from her blatant admittance of anti-Semitism, she now thinks she did Sandra a favor? The only favor she can do us is to go far, far away from any sort of media and never surface again.

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