Jun 22, 2010

BP, Glee and PR

While my last post on the BP oil spill was more humorous, this video beautifully highlights the tragedy in the Gulf. With the GLEE rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" playing in the background, the shocking images of the oil-laden ocean are even more poised. The devastation is evident, but this video really puts it all into perspective. Do you think BP is doing their part to help clean up their mess?

From a public relations perspective, BP has failed to clean up their mess. In addition to their failure to stop the oil spill, they have also failed to communicate with the public. BP's initial closed-communication led to the public making their own assumptions. The fake BP Twitter account has garnered lots of publicity, and the company is furious they didn't get the word out first. In the social media age we live in, communication is instant and companies must secure online channels to best connect with the fast-paced public.

Another scandal arose this weekend, as CEO Tony Hayward was spotted attending a yacht race. For an executive that publicly stated he wants his life back, perhaps he should stop doing it so publicly. Lesson to be learned from Tony's errors: make sure you have a CEO who stands behind the company in good times and bad. What do you think of the saga?

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