Jun 25, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Cruises Take Toronto

Photo Credit: Wenn.com
Toronto's A List status is about to reach new heights with rumors swirling that the Cruise clan is looking to purchase a house in the city. According to a source, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are in talks to purchase a house in York Mills, near Yonge St. and Mill St. The celebrity couple and their daughter Suri have already made a splash in Toronto while Katie films her new miniseries, The Kennedys. With appearances at Baskin Robbins and Yorkdale shopping mall already crossed off their list, we can expect to see Cruises lots more in the near future.

Update: Katie and Tom are living in the Old Yonge area now, but are still looking to purchase. Guess the G20 didn't deter them from our city!


  1. purchase? I know they are renting in the area, but I didn't know they were in the market to buy!

  2. That's what my source said...

    I know they're staying in the area based on their recent outings, but apparently Toronto has something Los Angeles doesn't. I'm sure we can expect to see a renovated Scientology Centre in the future!

  3. and boy that building is in DIRE need of renovating!


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