Jun 14, 2010

GLEE at the Tonys

Broadway beauties Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele brought the Glee to last night's Tony Awards. Matthew showed off his signature moves and strong stage presence while Lea Michele underwhelmed with her live rendition of "Don't Rain on My Parade." Don't get me wrong, I love Lea's voice, but it just couldn't compare to her performance at regionals. And the bangs - I wasn't feeling it. What did you think of  Gleeks? 

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  1. I agree with you 100%. Matthew Morrison is such a doll. You can tell from his performance that he has plenty of stage experience, feels comfortable on the stage, etc. I fell more in love with him last night than I already was :) and I've loved him since he was in Hairspray in 2004!

    As for Lea, yes she is clearly talented, but she also knows how talented she is. I agree that her performance of Don't Rain On My Parade was much better at Sectionals on Glee than it was last night. She was trying way too hard to bring in all the emotion from the way Barbra Streisand performs the song in 'Funny Girl' maybe? I have no idea but it just wasn't good. I loved her dress, but I also agree- not feeling the bangs. And what was that tattoo on her wrist? Not feeling that either. The dress was beautiful though!


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