Jun 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Just in time for Father's Day, the iconic Post-It brand has released a new video celebrating its 30th anniversary. The viral clip takes viewers on a lone Post-It Note's journey away from a cluttered office desk to find his father. The heartwarming video left me wanting to run out and buy a fresh stack of heart-shaped Post-Its - clearly every A-Lister's must-have!

If you're still looking for a quality Father's Day gift, why not try this simple way to show dad how much you love him. Buy a stack of Post-Its at your local Business Depot (either heart shaped or in your dad's favorite hue) and turn your house into a giant Father's Day card. Be inventive and speak from the heart - tell him why he's the best dad ever. Be sure to take pictures of your giant card to commemorate the day. It's an easy way to show dad how much you care.

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