Jun 8, 2010

LL is for Trouble

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Viewers were surprised to see a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan sitting in the audience at the MTV Movie Awards a mere week after receiving her court-ordered SCRAM anklet. While many of us hoped the wild child would finally reform her ways, there was a certain twinkle in her eyes that made this A-Lister believe otherwise. I was right.

Something alcohol-related set off Lindsay's SCRAM device, leading the judge to issue an arrest warrant. Judge Marsha Revel found Lindsay violated the terms of her bail, upping it to $200,000. A bond was later posted, sparing Lindsay from being arrested until next month's hearing.

Foregoing her publicity team, Lindsay, once again, used her Twitter page to set the record straight. "My scram wasn't set off-Its physically impossible considering I've nothing for it to go off-All of these false resports are absolutely wrong," Lohan tweeted, sans spell checker. "This is all because of a FALSE accusation by tabloids&paparazzi& it is fucking disgusting- I've been more than I'm compliance &feeling great."

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