Jun 7, 2010

The New K.Heigl

President Taylor has left the building.

24 star Cherry Jones has taken a page out of the Katherine Heigl what-not-to-do manual and has caused a rift with her producers. The actress recently withdrew herself from consideration for an Emmy nomination for her role on the show. Jones, who won the Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal of President Allison Taylor last year, removed herself from contention for the award following remarks suggesting she wasn't satisfied with this season of the hit show.
"By the end of the season, these guys (producers) are just this side of brain dead. They have been trying so hard," Jones said. "They don't have an arc. Most TV shows would have an arc and they would figure out how to nudge everyone in the direction they wanted to go... (The producers) try to follow things they think will be the most shocking."
The move parallels former Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl's actions last year. Like Jones, Heigl won the Emmy for best Supporting Actress and then pulled out of the nominations the following year. After citing weak story lines as her reasoning, Heigl left the medical drama. With 24 now over, does this mean Jones will be kept out of the film adaptation?

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