Jun 17, 2010

Only in Hollywood...

Photo Via BuddyTV.com
In what is turning out to be Hollywood's most bizarre kidnapping, Jeremy London was held at gunpoint and forced to use drugs. The 36-year-old actor, best known for his role on Party of Five, was kidnapped by a group of men while changing a flat tire on his car on June 10 at 2 p.m. in Palm Springs, California. Police arrested Brandon Adams, 26, on kidnapping charges.

According to a police statement, "After the tire was changed, [London] offered the men a ride home. A short time later, he was held at gunpoint in the vehicle by one of the occupants. The gunman forced London to drive to various locations throughout the city, purchase alcohol and use illicit drugs."

After 12 hours, London managed to break free from his kidnappers and contacted the police on June 11 around 2 a.m. His rep, Dominic Friesen, said that Jeremy is shaken and scared after surviving this terrorizing ordeal. He adds that, "Jeremy is spending quality time in an undisclosed location with family and friends, and appreciates the overwhelming support from his fans."

The story is definitely outlandish. After all, London's career has significantly stalled since his Party of Five glory days. His short stint on 7th Heaven failed to impress viewers and he has been relatively unheard of since the show ended. His rep must be jumping for joy, as he now has the chance to actually do some real media relations work! Regardless of the popularity boost London will likely incur, let's hope that he recovers from this ordeal soon.

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