Jun 21, 2010

Party Without Style

This year's MMVAs were co-hosted by teen sensation Miley Cyrus. Yes, the same girl who has undergone much scrutiny for her hard partying, tattoo inking, older boyfriend dating, lack of clothing wearing ways. The 17-year-old international superstar managed to find time to perform for her Canadian fans during the show, but lost her clothing on the way to the stage.

Miley, who just last week was involved in a nude picture scandal with Perez Hilton, jumped onto the lit-up stage in a leather hooker-inspired getup. Clearly not settling for one trashy look, Miley went the Tupac route with the tied bandana flung across her forehead. She'll be lucky if she makes it out of the "What were they thinking" sections of the weeklies without battle scars. We know you're raking in the millions, Miley - it's time for a stylist. Give Rachel Zoe a call, I'm sure she would go bananas to dress you.

Check out Miley's very live performance. Special guest star: Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber on a bicycle. Watch out world: the teens are coming to get us.


  1. could it be any lamer that the MMVAs started with "party in the USA"?

  2. Apparently "Party in Canada" didn't flow as well


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