Jun 11, 2010

Skin and Implants

Photo Credit: Barcroft
Cult obsession Tori Spelling is once again going on the defensive about her too-skinny frame. The latest picture of Tori frolicking on the beach with her daughter Stella has caused an outcry in Hollywood, with everyone wishing she would just "eat a sandwich" (in the words of Mary-Kate Olsen, Saturday Night Live, 2005). Tori claims that her weight loss is a result of a previous bout with swine flu, that left her frail and week. Listen, we all know Tori is small boned (just look at Donna Martin on Beverly Hills 90210), but after having two kids, you would think that she would find some way to pack on a few extra pounds. If she continues down this road of starvedom, she should reduce her implants. No need to look skinny and plastic!

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