Jun 6, 2010

Something Borrowed

As a fan of chick-lit, I always get giddy when I hear that my beloved books are coming to the big screen. While the film adaptations never truly capture the author's comedic tone (paging Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic), it's nice to see our revered characters brought to life.

The latest book to get the star treatment is Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed. The book tells the story of Rachel, the consummate good girl, and Darcy, her beautiful, shallow and materialistic best friend. On Rachel's 30th birthday, she ends up in bed with Darcy's fiance, Dex, and is horrified to discover she has genuine feelings for him. As Rachel struggles with the blurred lines between right and wrong, viewers are captivated by the love triangle and the bonds of friendship.

The film is directed by Luke Greenfield and stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel, Kate Hudson as Darcy, Colin Egglesfield as Dex and Jon Krasinski as Ethan. The producer, Alcon, also picked up the sequel book, Something Blue, with the intention of turning it into a follow-up movie. My hopes aren't high for the success of the movie, but I can't wait to watch on opening weekend!

Side Note: I always pictured Patrick Dempsey in the role of Dex. He fits the description to a tee, including the lustrous hair. I hope he was at least approached for the role...

Side Note 2: I absolutely adore this book. Emily Giffin's flawless writing truly brings the characters to life. I HIGHLY recommend her books to all. 

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