Jun 15, 2010

Unchartered TerriTORI

"My job is to be Tori Spelling," the actress writers in her new autobiography, Unchartered TerriTORI. While playing into and then deviating from the rich-girl-from-Beverly-Hills attitude that brought America to her feet, Tori has found time to get married (twice), have two babies, star in a reality show and write three books. Quite an accomplishment for someone who is famous for being famous!

While I'm still making my way through the hilarious book, it's clear that Tori is not shy. Just like in sTORI Telling and Mommywood, Tori approaches life's events with humor and wit. Rehashing her bout with swine flue (not anorexia, folks), she claims to have hid the news from the press because she was worried about their reaction.

"If they got wind of my diagnosis the press would have a field day. Would they add this to the checklist? First I had a horse face, now I had the pig flu."
Tori's honest approach to her public life has helped her stay in the spotlight. From dishing on marriage issues to child rearing, her stories continue to enthrall the public. As for that super skinny frame - let's just be thankful she hasn't lost touch with her funny bone.

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