Jul 30, 2010

Losing His Barbie Doll

The final scene of The Hills questioned viewers' faith in reality television, but at least we can still watch the drama play out in the tabloids. The latest and greatest media darlings, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, continue to shock the world with their publicity-yielding antics. The estranged couple's courtship and marriage was said to be for the cameras, but now the allegations of faking a relationship seem more real than the show!

The soon-to-be-former Mrs. Pratt filed for divorce earlier today, but the news of losing his own personal Barbie doll hasn't halted Spencer's media friendly persona. Referencing the reality of the show that put him on the map, Spencer told the reporters, "I love Heidi but our marriage was a show - it was part of The Hills world. And that world is a sound stage."

The reality bad boy also said, "It's clear that reality TV-fame-loving Spencer Pratt does not fit with my ex-wife Heidi Montag's ambitions for a motion picture actor/pop star career and being a sex symbol for the world. Some say if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen. Well, Heidi couldn't handle Spencer's fame so she got out of the marriage." 

The dissolution of the world's worst marriage doesn't surprise me, but do you believe that their entire relationship really was for the cameras? 

Summer Song

Soaking up the summer rays is never complete without a fully loaded iPod playlist. Breakout songs like Katy Perry's California Gurls and B.O.B's Airplanes have likely made the cut, but consider adding Flo Rida and David Guetta's Club Can't Handle Me. You won't regret it!

Who's That Girl?

The unrecognizable Jennifer Grey will incur the wrath of House this fall. Best known for her role as Baby in Dirty Dancing and subsequently teased for her face-changing nose job, Grey's attempt at revitalizing her career will be short lived. Her House character, Abbey, is the mother of an infant daughter displaying signs of a life-threatening illness. It may be an interesting episode, but chances of a recurring role are slim to none. Can Grey finally make her Hollywood comeback or will she be stuck in the world of bad nose jobs forever?

Saving Face

The power of Madonna is not limited to albums, concerts and Glee. The queen of pop has also impacted the fashion world through her iconic cone bras, virginal wedding dress or Louis Vuitton ensembles. Now, the material girl is passing the fashion torch to her daughter, the always hip Lourdes.

Better known as Lola, the 13-year-old embodies the trends du jour. She's no Tavi Gevinson when it comes to writing, but the girl has got her mother backing her every move. Lola's latest pet project is Material Girl, a joint project with Madonna and Macy's. The contemporary punk line is said to be trendy and the perfect fit for all material girls. The only problem is it's "face."

Branding is essential when it comes to fashion. Trying to break through the already crowded department stores and luxury shops is difficult without first constructing a rock solid image. The most basic way to generate awareness of a brand is through a face that best represents the values of the brand. The wrong face can be detrimental in the fashion world. Just look at how Lindsay Lohan's Ungaro stint worked out. Sure, she was brought on as the creative director, but her association plummeted the look and feel of the brand. The Material Girl brand will face a similar feat thanks to their new face, Taylor Momsen.

The Gossip Girl misfit is the last person you would want representing your brand. The 17-year-old smokes, enjoys her vibrator and struts around in hooker shoes. Material Girl is being marketed to tweens and teens, but I don't know any parents that would want their children associated with bad girl Taylor. I'm sure Madonna's association with the brand will influence sales, but next season Material Girl should consider a better suited face.

Jul 29, 2010

Bringing Sexy Back

It's a step above Walmart, exclusive enough to only reside in the U.S. and counts Rodarte and Zac Posen among its designer. Affectionately known as Tar-jay by Canadians, retailer extraordinaire Target is bringing sexy back this winter. Justin Timberlake and design partner Trace Ayala are launching a limited edition William Rast collection for the superstore this December. Set to hit the shelves and virtual shopping carts December 19, the affordable denim will be sold until January 22. Don't cry yourself a river if the line is sold out before you hop across the boarder...

Jul 28, 2010

Imma Let You Finish Tweeting...

The latest celebrity to jump on the Twitter bandwagon is rapper extraordinaire, Kanye West. You may remember him best as the man who interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Awards, but it looks like the king is trying to ditch that rude-boy image. Joining Twitter is a significant PR move for the star, as it will allow him to interact with fans. Sure, he may choose to ignore all incoming @replies and RTs, but at least you now know how to reach him.

One question about his new profile still remains: what on earth does that picture represent? My two theories: Kanye is dethroning "King" Lebron James or he is using the image to signify his rebirth into mainstream Hollywood. I want to know - how do you decipher the avatar?

In other social media news, Kanye visited the Facebook offices to perform his new song, Mama's Boyfriends.

Keep 'Em Coming

With her movie career slumping, jail is the answer to Lindsay Lohan's media woes. The troubled actress may deny her love for the tabloids, but we all know her mission is to be featured front and center. She may not get to read or watch all the coverage swirling around her jail sentence, but at least it's keeping her name in the limelight. Check out the latest jail spoof, courtesy of the always hilarious Chelsea Handler.

Bring on the Baby

Let's just call Melissa Rycroft the comeback queen. After being publicly humiliated on The Bachelor, the Texas sweetheart bounced back into the limelight with a starring role on Dancing with the Stars (third place!) and a new sweetheart. Rycroft and her insurance agent beau, Tye Strickland, made it official in December 2009, and are now expecting their first child. Rycroft calls the news "a shock" and "the most wonderful surprise in the world." See ladies, sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to get your prince and your fairytale ending...

Shotgun Style

Photo via People
The rumors swirling around their top-secret wedding are true: Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are expecting a baby! According to Us Weekly, the actor, 33, and the Victoria's Secret model, 27, are "definitely pregnant." The news was foreshadowed in a recent Australian newspaper, when Kerr said, "I have always been very open about wanting to be a mother one day. And I've always thought Orlando would be a great dad!" Congratulations - the baby will surely be a stunner!

Jul 27, 2010

Match Made in 90210 Heaven

The world's most famous zip code captivated a generation. For 10 years, Beverly Hills 90210 enthralled viewers with the sordid tales of Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, Kelly, David and Donna. You can admit to your obsession - I have repeatedly. While the chances of a full cast reunion will likely never happen due to documented animosity (thanks Tori Spelling!), the former friends have been taking baby steps to excite viewers. The girls did it first, with Shannen Doherty (Brenda), Jennie Garth (Kelly) and Tori Spelling's (Donna) appearance on spin-off 90210, but now the boys are back in town.

Teaming up on the small screen again are Jason Priestly (Brandon) and Luke Perry (Dylan). The duo are involved in Goodnight for Justice, a Hallmark Movie Channel film airing in 2011. Priestly directs, Perry produces, writes and stars - it's the perfect way to ensure they don't fight over the same girl again. It may not be what us die-hard Beverly Hills 90210 fans want, but at this point, we'll take anything we can get!

World of Wonder

He played a high school jock in the family-friendly High School Musical franchise, but now Zac Efron is all about the drama. Having ditched the teenybopper persona to play the title character in Charlie St. Cloud, Efron proves his acting chop are a cut above the rest. The 22-year-old star parlayed the much-needed emotional struggle the role required, while still maintaining his boyish good looks and pearly-white smile.

The film centers around Charlie St. Cloud (Efron), who survives an accident that lets him see the world in a unique way. The emotionally charged story gives audiences a glimpse into grief and romance, and the choice between life or death. The transformative power of love is demonstrated through Charlie's relationship with his dead brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan), and his love interest, Tess (Amanda Crew).

Call me a sap, but I really liked the movie. It's not just because I was able to stare at Zac the whole time, but the storyline was heartwarming, proving that love and life always prevail.

Side Note: Any Young Drivers alums would recognize Charlie's failure to comply with the cardinal rule in defensive driving - never turn your wheels while waiting to make a turn. It's this error which catapults the story into an emotional saga, after Sam dies as a result of the car accident.


Once seen as a gathering place for nerds, Comic-Con is now known as a marketing hotspot. Producers and directors use the convention to announce new projects, cast lists and previews from upcoming films. While the cast of the Avengers and Hulk were revealed, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm more interested in the Comic-Con spoof produced by Funny or Die. Titled Pacey-Con, the video stars Dawson's Creek alum Joshua Jackson celebrating the greatest character in television history. Take a stroll down memory lane and remember why you just couldn't get enough of the Canadian cutie.

Jul 26, 2010

Locked and Loaded

Used as a tool to engage with fans, Twitter has been a must-have for celebrities. While most micro-blogging public figures are of the reality television department, one famous A-Lister just joined the social media revolution: Angelina Jolie.

The actress, mother and humanitarian is now known by her handle, @angelinajolie, but she's not yet ready to make the public plunge. According to Us Magazine, Jolie obtained the account and then locked it so no one else could have that username. With a source adding that the star might become an active tweeter "later this year," perhaps her account will soon be unlocked. Possible tweets: charity-related items, link sharing and if we're lucky, info on the kids!

Don't forget to follow The A List on Twitter @aglicksman

Trending Together

Photo Credit: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty
The always stylish Jolie-Pitts used the halls of Japan's Narita International Airport as their personal walkway. With mother Angelina Jolie at the helm, Maddox, 8, Zahara, 5, Pax, 6, and Shiloh, 4, commanded the attention of the room. Look how dapper all the children look while still exuding their personal styles. Maddox is comfortably cool in his wife beater and neon messenger bag, as brother Pax is dapper like dad Brad Pitt in his tan suit. The sisters are both adorable, with Zahara showing off her girly side and Shiloh in spiffy golf club-appropriate attire. Don't you love them?

Cheers To Another Year

America's sweetheart had quite a year. From her Oscar win to her scandelous divorce to her adoption of baby Louis Bardot, Sandra Bullock's year has been filled with highs and lows. Let's hope her 46th year is a little less dramatic!

Jul 25, 2010

Serial Escape

With six seasons of Criminal Minds behind me, I'm ready to move on to another type of serial killer. Not to sound morbid or anything, but it's nice to watch shows where the bad guys never win. Sure, I've had a nightmare or two about the outlandish and horrifying acts seen on the silver screen, but knowing that the BAU is there to put a stop to the crime always calms me down. As I prepare to bid Hotchner, Garcia, J.J. and Morgan goodbye, I plan to welcome Dexter into my life. Even without having seen a full episode of the hit show, I'm still captivated by the just-released trailer for season five. I'll be eagerly watching the previous seasons in preparation for what is sure to be a great fall season. What are your thoughts on the sneak peak?

Hello to the Housewife

Photo via People Magazine
With premiere season upon us, Desperate Housewives is using new cast member Vanessa Williams to drum up some publicity. The show,  famous for its on-and-off-screen diva antics (hello Nicollette Sheridan lawsuit!), must be preparing to bring Williams into the mix. Seated beside creator Marc Cherry, the duo seem to be having a real heart to heart. Let's hope her appearance drums up some more drama for the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Are you excited for the show's return?

Jul 23, 2010

Do You Have A Dog?

The boys may be back in town, but Entourage would not be complete without some high-profile cameos. Pictures from Jessica Simpson's paparazzi-filled appearance on the show was highly documented in the tabloids and blogs, but now The A List has your first look at her role. Playing one of Ari's misunderstood clients, Simspon shines with Jeremy Piven. The episode airs on August 1 - will you be watching?

High Maintenance Camping

With failed attempts at becoming a dancing queen and the vice-president behind them, Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin are teaming up to conquer reality television. According to In Touch, Kate and her brood of eight have trekked to the northern state of Alaska to go camping with the Palins. On the agenda: natural history lessons for the kids and safety techniques for the mothers. The TLC-friendly matriarchs are obviously trying to drum up some attention for their shows. The Gosselin's Kate Plus 8 has not been doing well in the ratings, while the Palins are trying to drum up publicity for their new project, Sarah Palin's Alaska. Is the collaboration enough to make you want to watch?

Quote of the Day

She rose to fame on the hit '80s show Married With Children, but now Christina Applegate is setting the record straight via Twitter.

"I have to tell you all something. And I know it is going to hurt a lot of people but it's time..ok here goes..wow this is hard but I gotta..The Bundys were not real people..there I said it. Not real. Just actors. Brilliant actors if I say so myself haha."

Weekend Event

The one summer film I'm itching to see is Inception. The Leonardo DiCaprio thriller has been getting rave reviews and the much-watched trailer continues to pique my interest. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, it focuses on a group of dream snatchers who infiltrate the dreams of sleeping victims to steal their subconscious secrets. It might sound a little out there, but new reports claim  there is a science behind the theory. I'll be spending my rainy Friday night in the movie theater - will you?


A List Exclusive, Courtesy Hotel Gelato
Your one-stop blog for all Toronto Cruise news is back with a "Suri's Daddy" story. Fathers always have a soft-spot for their daughters, but it seems like Tom's affections go beyond the norm. Etched on his whiter-than-white Nike Air Force 1s are the words "SURIS DADDY." The photo was snapped while the too-cute duo were enjoying a midday treat at my favorite local hotspot, Hotel Gelato. Branded with your daughters name - now that is some over-the-top love. If only all dads were this dedicated to their little princesses!

Jul 22, 2010

Secretly Wed

Photo via PursePage.com
After saying they want an "intimate and personal" ceremony, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom got their wish. The genetically blessed couple of three years secretly wed in an undisclosed location, only one month after confirming their engagement. The news broke after the Australian supermodel announced a canceled appearance at Australian department store David Jones today.

"David Jones very graciously released me during this period so we could celebrate an intimate ceremony and honeymoon together," Kerr said. "I'm very much a part of the David Jones Family and I am very committed to my role. I am enormously grateful to David Jones to have been given this time to enjoy such a special moment in my life." 

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bloom!

Hear Me Roar

If there's one thing her reality shows have taught us, it's not to upset Kelly Cutrone. The PR maven, who I found to be quite charming, knows what she wants. With a hectic schedule to keep up with, Kelly rightfully expects for her requests to be fulfilled. If they're not - she has no problem voicing her complaints.

The most recent example comes from the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto (airport location). Following a night of meditation with AMMA, Kelly requested two wake-up calls and a pot of coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, the service staff did not understand the message and failed to equip Kelly with her requests. As any upset customer would do, Kelly voiced her complaint.

The difference? Kelly is a pop culture icon with the ability to have her message spread through the masses. While someone like you or me could voice a concern and have it go relatively unnoticed, a bad review from Kelly will wind up on the Huffington Post. Will this bad publicity affect the Sheraton brand? Not likely, but it's never pleasant to have videos like this floating around. Next time, Sheraton, ensure that you comply with your guests' requests - especially if they're famous.

Whale of Fate

Photo Credit: ZumePress.com/Keystone Press
The photo above is not the work of a photoshop wizard, although I'm sure Ralph Mothers and Paloma Werner wish it was. The South African couple were sailing near Cape Town on Sunday when a 40-ton Southern Right Whale leaped out of the water and crashed onto their yacht. Miraculously, the only injury sustained was to the yacht. Whale watching has always been a dream excursion of mine, but now I may have to think twice about entering the infested waters...

Jul 21, 2010

All Grown Up

Photo Credit: Joe Buissink via People
You've known her as Kelly Kapowski and Valerie Malone, but now Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen answers to mom. The Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 actress gave birth to daughter Harper Renn on June 15. Look at that smile - she looks blissfully in love. For more on the star's new role, check out the latest copy of People magazine.

Weave It In

The stir Britney Spears caused when she shaved her head has yet to subside thanks to her poor attention to detail. The former sex symbol lost her luscious blonde locks while suffering a mental breakdown, but not even her fortune can replace her poor hair. Rather than hire a professional hairdresser to constantly tend to her extensions, Spears has taken matters into her own hands. Just look at the harrowing treatment of her scalp - it's horrifying! If she ever plans to regain her superstar celebrity status, Spears better invest in some hair care.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Toronto's Very Own

Photo via Amazonaws.com
Toronto's hometown hero made a splash in Hollywood, but the rap superstar hasn't forgotten his roots. The Thank Me Later singer just announced his new Toronto-based music festival, the OVO Festival. Launching August 1 at Molson Ampitheatre, the concert is a joint production between Drake's entertainment company, "October's Very Own," and BlackBerry. The festival will surely be a summer highlight for the city, with featured artists including Drake, Francis & the Lights, Young Jeezy and Bun B.

"I truly believe this is entertainment at a level that the city has never seen before," Drake said in a statement to Billboard. "I'm hoping that it is a safe and magical night and that OVO Festival becomes a tradition every year." 

Get your tickets now before this can't-miss event sells out!

Engaged with Children

Photo via DailyRadar
She's famous for her role on '80s classic Married With Children, but now Christina Applegate is taking the show's title to heart. The 38-year-old breast cancer survivor is expecting a child with her fiance, Martyn Lenoble. Christina's commitment to regaining her life after cancer is truly inspiring. She battled the disease with dignity and did not let the diagnosis ruin her spirits. The longtime actress has bounced back professionally and now personally. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Backyard Sightings

Photo via Hotel Gelato/Facebook
Cruise sightings have been all the rage in Toronto. With such a high-profile celebrity clan spending the summer in our city, everyone has been on the lookout for Tom, Katie and Suri. While most celebrities frequent hot-spots like Yorkville and Rosedale when they're in town, the Cruises have opted for more low-key locations. Aside from visiting a North York Baskin Robbins and Yorkdale shopping mall, the most recent Cruise spotting was at new Eglinton Way eatery, Hotel Gelato.

Sitting nonchalantly on the sidewalk patio were Tom and Suri. With a coffee and vanilla gelato in hand, the adorable twosome appeared to look right at home in the residential area. They interacted with locals and shop owner Dan Hoffman, and seemed genuinely happy to be spending time together.

Photo via Hotel Gelato/Facebook
While a celebrity publicity boost never hurts, Hotel Gelato has been doing exceptionally well. The tables are always full and its rare to not wait in line for your delicious cup of gelato. I've become somewhat of a regular, but you would too if you could taste their delectable vanilla sponge toffee, blood orange, pink grapefruit and avocado flavors (among others). Obviously the first family of Hollywood show up the one day I'm not there, but you can bet I'll be there every night until the Cruises return.

Jul 20, 2010

Raves, Rants and Lumps of Coal

I liken the release of each Mel Gibson tape to Christmas morning. The tabloids receive the defaming recordings with the same joy they exude while opening presents under a beautifully decorated tree. For the perpetrator, though, I imagine the release of the tapes is much like waking up to a lump of coal in your stocking. And Mel, you've been a naughty boy.

It's no secret that Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite, a racist and an all-around bad man. Sure, his ex-wife may have defended him, but have you heard the incriminating tapes? Directed to baby-mama Oksana Grigorieva, the tapes are frightening to listen to. Using profanities to make his point, Mel continuously screams at Oksana and continuously berates her for a variety of non-issues. I already hated the Passion of the Christ actor after his 2006 anti-Semitic rant, but by hatred has now escalated.

Some advice: if you lead a public life, you don't have the luxury of acting in this manner. Don't ever think a conversation is private, because it is not. Word will get out, tapes will be released and you will be the one picking up the pieces of your shattered image. Better luck keeping your trap closed next time, Mel.


Photo Credit: Associated Press
The tabloids perpetually question their relationship, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie look happier than ever. The parents of six walked the red carpet for Jolie's new spy-thriller Salt with the world's largest smiles. Seriously - doesn't it hurt to smile that much? Regardless of the pain, it's nice to see the Jolie-Pitts so joyous and enthralled with each other. Who wants to bet that this week's cover story will be about their impending nuptials?

Music Tuesday

I was too caught up in the Kelly Cutrone excitement to make a Music Monday post yesterday, so instead I bring you Music Tuesday. The mid-week blues will vanish instantly when you hit play on the newest Robyn track. Titled "Hang With Me," I predict the song will make a splash on radios soon. What do you think of Robyn's latest tune?

Side Note: At former A List guest blogger Ari Zelunka's request, check out this Robyn performance on David Letterman. 


Lindsay Lohan will be seeing orange for the next three months. The troubled actress is expected to check into jail today, in order to complete her court sentence of 90 days in jail followed by 90 days in rehab. There's no telling just how far Lindsay will go to make bail, but I'm sure her antics will continue to make front-page news.

UPDATE: Lindsay has checked into the Lynnewood Correctional Facility in LA, where they took the bleach-blonde mugshot above. 

Bare Bones

Photo via TinyPic
The face that melted America is back in action. With the dreaded beard finally hacked off, Brad Pitt has returned to the public eye in his usual golden boy glory. The absence of the beard shaves years off the father of six's face. Wouldn't you love to wake up to this?

Jul 19, 2010

It's All About White

The A List and her idol, Kelly Cutrone
The lady in black wore white. It shouldn't be such a newsworthy event, but when the dresser is Kelly Cutrone, white is headline news. The first lady of PR donned a white tunic while in Toronto to promote her pro-bono client AMMA, the hugging saint. While I made sure to take the time to receive a blessing from the "love is my religion" guru, I was most interested in meeting Kelly.

I would like to say I was starstruck, but I can't. Kelly may star on hit reality shows like The Hills, The City and Kell on Earth, but in real life, she's a doll. Our time together felt more like catching up with an old friend than it did talking to an influential public relations practitioner and television star. Kelly greeted me warmly, recognizing me from Twitter, and proceeded to get me a hug ("darshan") from AMMA. Following the long embrace, I chatted with the PR maven about branding, social media and television (head to Hip & Urban Girl's Guide for a full recap).

Just like The Hills finale showed us, nothing is as it seems. Kelly's television persona is developed and edited into a character the producers want her to be, while in reality she is warm and welcoming (she even hugged me goodbye!). Friends were shocked to hear how open and gracious I found Kelly to be, but I think it speaks to her spirit. The PR maven knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Kelly broke into the industry by not taking no for an answer, and she managed to not lose her true self. In all, Kelly was a true inspiration and remains my PR idol.

Photoshop Blunder

With the second season of Jersey Shore set to premiere later this month, the publicity force is out in full swing. Aside from the contract dispute, JWwow's Maxim photoshoot is making headlines - but not for the right reason. Instead of fawning over her body, onlookers are shocked to notice a missing bellybutton. No, the outspoken Jersey girl wasn't born with an abnormality. This is simply a case of too much Photoshop. Other pictures from shoot feature the bellybutton, but in an effort to slim her stomach, the technician obviously forget to replace the hole. Better luck with the next shoot!

Jul 17, 2010

This Is Our Game

It's always a celebrity hotbed, but what better way to celebrate the spirit of the city than with a hockey themed opening night. With Score: A Hockey Musical booked as the show opener, the Toronto International Film Festival will be gliding its way into Yorkville and the gossip sites.

Dubbed High School Musical meets Mighty Ducks, the film stars Noah Reid as a sheltered teen turned hockey phenomenon. Olivia Newton John and Canuck Nelly Furtado also star in the Michael McGowan-directed film.

"Score: A Hockey Musical captures key elements of Canadian identity - our passion for our national pastime, our unique musical style and our special brand of humour," said Piers Handling, TIFF director and CEO.

The trailer looks cute, but does it have the star power needed to keep TIFF on the international map? Last year's festival opened with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly's Creation, bringing two A List stars to the heart of Toronto. With Grease still being Newton-John's claim to fame, will the paparazzi still go gaga for her? And Furtado - let's get another radio hit before we start jumping for joy.

Let's hope the George Clooney's and Jennifer Aniston's of the world don't forget about TIFF. Regardless of the city's connection to the sport, the Hollywood types prefer the glitz, glammer and boldface names.

The Dark Side of Facebook

The Facebook story continues to generate interest with cryptic tales about the not-so-cheery tales of building the world's most powerful social network. In the words of Jesse Eisenberg (aka Mark Zuckerberg), the idea behind Facebook was, "taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online." Lucky for this A Lister, the procrastination tool was invented just in time for my first year of university. Sure, I spent hours creeping rather than researching, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. What do you think of the new trailer?

Triple Threat

Photo Credit: GSI Media
Females have always been Ben Affleck's achilles' heel. While the actor has made the grand switch from strippers to diapers, his biggest weakness remains women. Sure, the forbidden exotic dancers are no longer threatening to ruin his public image, but his gorgeous down-home bevy of beauties are still calling the shots. Wife Jennifer Garner and daughters Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 18 months, are the heart and soul of Ben's life now. In a household ruled by women, Ben better be sure to be on his best behavior and make sure to tend to their every need. After all, how can you say no to these faces?

Gorgeous Idiots

Funny or Die proves that the pretty people don't have it all.

Tag Along

Photo Credit: O'Neil/White/INF
Camp is so yesterday as fashionista Suri Cruise ditched the sun for her mum on the set of The Kennedys. Hillcrest's most famous camper took the day off to accompany Katie Holmes from Old Yonge to Hamilton to film the History Channel miniseries. Guess Suri really does prefer the company of her elders to kids her own age. How's that for diva behavior?

Jul 15, 2010

Double Rainbow

It's no Old Spice, but Double Rainbow has also entered viral territory. The original has garnered over four million hits while the new music remix is climbing the YouTube views at over two million. The Double Rainbow concept kind of reminds me of canoe trips at camp. You know, heading to the woods and just going along with what nature gives you. There's a lot of creativity that stems from a lack of internet! What do you think of the video? 

Public Display of Rehabilitation

After being accused of not taking her court sentence seriously, Lindsay Lohan has opted to check into rehab. The hard-partying, law-breaking actress is now a resident of the Pickford Lofts, a sober-living house in Los Angeles. Lohan is obviously trying to show the judge that she is in charge of her life, but the move seems a bit calculated.

Lohan's new abode is the brainchild of her new lawyer, Robert Shapiro. The former O.J. Simpson defense lawyer created the sober-living house after his son died from an overdose in 2005. Rumors have been swirling that Shapiro threatened to only represent Lohan if she checked into the centre, but I think it's part of the defense strategy.

With her jail sentence set to begin in only a few days, why on earth would Lohan spend time away from her family and friends? Well, if it helped ease up her court sentence of 90-days in jail and 90-days in rehab, she just might have gone for it. Only time will tell what will become of the lost child, but hopefully Shaprio and his centre can help Lohan find her way.

They're Back!

There will be an album. There will be a tour. There will probably even be thirtysomething girls acting like their teenagers again. The reason for all the commotion? British boy band Take That is reuniting with frontman Robbie Williams. It's been years since the band has been together, but loyal fans have been anticipating the day their teenage crushes would come together. The screaming, the stalking and the singing - it's back and will be bigger and better than ever. Are you excited to hear Take That's newest album? 

Hail Mary (Kate)

Photo Credit: PPNY/GSNY/Splash News
Leaving her hobo-chic attire behind, Mary-Kate Olsen emerged in NYC sporting a nun-like black and white ensemble. The pint size twin must have traded in soup kitchens for convents lately, as the media mogul always draws wardrobe inspiration from her surrounds. Will her new look be reflected in the fall/spring Elizabeth and James collection?

Jul 14, 2010

You Talking To Me, Crazy?

The year's most infamous party-crashers were Michaele and Tareq Salahi. The power couple, and new stars of The Real Housewives of D.C., made a name for themselves by crashing Barack Obama's first state dinner White House party. The Salahis' traditional dress code prevented White House security from noticing them, proving that blending in is the best way to avoid confrontation. 

Apparently Spencer Pratt never received the camouflage memo. The Hills alum was caught looking like a homeless man while trying to crash the Roosevelt Hotel after party. Police happily removed the hard-to-miss bad boy, but only after paparazzi had captured his failed attempt to become relevant again. We know everything Pratt does is for publicity, but dressing like you're homeless only works if your name is Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen. 

What did you think of Spencer's latest stunt? 

Making Old Spice New Again

Confession time: everyone has had an Old Spice experience. Whether it's your scent of choice or your boyfriend's, the smell is hard to miss. While the brand is still top of mind when considering deodorant choices, the 71-year-old company was obviously looking to spice up their image (no pun intended). Enter social media.

The content rich fan page, 140-character tweets and accompanying YouTube videos have made a splash in the online sphere. Breaking through the clutter is an obvious challenge for all brands trying to make an impact on consumers, but Old Spice's formula is a winner.

Essentially, Old Spice is taking online engagement to a whole new level. Every company is capable of replying to Facebook and Twitter messages with text, but Old Spice has turned to YouTube. Capitalizing on the service's instantaneous posting abilities, spokesperson/personality Isaiah Mustafa is personally responding to tweets mentioning Old Spice. I don't mean generic "thanks for your tweet" videos, but hilarious responses performed in true "Old Spice" form. Case in point: Anonymous.

The hilarious short clips are making a splash online, much like the swan dive in the original video (above). The amount of online chatter is astounding and the video responses have all gone viral. The company even chose to sponsor a trending topic on Twitter, although I doubt it was needed. Utilizing various aspects of social media has obviously paid off for Old Spice. They are the brand of the moment, and it seems like no one can get enough of Isaiah Mustafa. If this doesn't win the public relations/social media campaign of the year, I don't know what will... 
What do you think about the campaign? 

Jul 13, 2010

Everyone's Putting A Ring On It

Photo Via InStyle.com
It's getting impossible to keep up with the influx of celebrity weddings. In addition to the gaggle of "I Do's" The A List has already covered, the newest Mr. and Mrs. are Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.

According to E! News, the couple of three years tied the knot earlier this year at a friend's home in the Bahamas. Keeping the ceremony small with only family members in attendance, Cruz surely looked stunning in her John Galliano gown. Can't wait to see the pictures of this wedding - the couple surely looked gorgeous!

I Do, But Not To You

Something is in the Hollywood waters, as a bevy of celebrities have headed to the altar lately. From Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, it seems that everyone is saying "I Do."

Perhaps the most interesting unions are Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil. Don't get me wrong, the Beverly Hills 90210 couple did not rekindle their romance - they both married new partners. With son Kassius, 8, by their sides, Green wed Megan Fox and Marcil wed CSI:NY actor Carmine Giovinazzo. Do you think their July weddings are a happy coincidence or a race to the alter?

Three TImes Crazy

It seems that Mel Gibson is officially detached from reality. In addition to again proving that he has severe anger management issues, Gibson is ruining any chance he had of salvaging his career. The way he treats Oksana, makes me wonder how he treated his former wife of 28-years, Robyn. If he is capable of being this horrible the mother of one of his children in such an outlandish manner, how on earth did he act towards the mother of his seven children? I'm sure the details will surface in due time, but until then, I want to know if you support Mel Gibson. I, for one, do not. Thoughts on the scandal? 

You Don't Say...

Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer/MTV
After tonight's series finale, The Hills will no longer be alive with gossip, drama and heartache. The show that captivated a generation told the story of everyday girls, Lauren Conrad (seasons 1-4), Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth, trying to make it in life and love in Los Angeles. Their "every-girl" personalities made them household names, but just how fictional are their colorful tales?

The media has long speculated about just how real the reality show really is, while producers always claimed that The Hills is a true representation of its stars' lives. Now, on the day of the finale, Kristin is coming clean, claiming, "nothing you see on TV is real."

A shocking revelation, I know, but it's nice to finally hear the truth. MTV has made a pretty profit off showcasing the lives of Lauren, Kristin, Audrina, Heidi, Stephanie and Lo. Let's face it, though - would we care nearly as much about the show if it was as boring as our regular lives? We need the excitement, the added element of drama, to pique our interest in this reality show era we live in. With so many series to choose from, The Hills has gained its loyal fans through unconventional, yet attainable story lines. The Lauren sex tape? The Speidi romance? The 13 plastic surgeries? Does that really happen?

I always counted The Hills as one of my many guilty pleasures. Sure, I knew the story lines weren't totally real, but it was fun to live vicariously through these girls. What did you think of the show and will you miss it when it's gone?

UPDATE: That was the best scene of The Hills EVER. In case you missed it, the final montage took us on a character trip through memory lane, and then revealed the show is fake. And I don't just mean scripted, I mean filmed on a sound stage. Scandalous, I know. Seeing it was bittersweet, but the series could not have ended so perfectly. Kudos Adam DiVello! 

Jul 12, 2010

Pathetic and Putrid

Mel Gibson is a disgraceful excuse for a man. In the past few years, the actor has made headlines for his anti-semitic rants, drunk driving and abrupt divorce. Everything just got worse for Gibson, as his ethnic slurred, highly abusive arguments with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva hit the web. Just a warning: the language is vulgar and racist, and will finally let the world see what a disgusting man Mel Gibson really is.

The Dark Knight's Reign Lives On

Heath Ledger's chilling portrayal of the Joker will forever be remembered in movie history. Even Batman director Christopher Nolan recognizes the power Ledger's role has on pop history, as he will not bring the Joker back in future films.

In an interview, Nolan would not comment on which villains Batman will take on in the next film. All he did say was that Ledger was for him the "definitive Joker," and it would not feel appropriate to bring back the character.

Nolan's appreciation of Ledger's manic Joker is appreciated by fans worldwide. The Dark Night role, which earned Ledger an Academy Award one year after his death, is one which still chills audiences. Between the striking mannerisms and chilling laugh, it was a role forever made for Heath Ledger.

Deodorant King

Old Spice meets the NBA as Isaiah Mustafa spoofs LeBron James' "historic" decision. It's no swan dive, but his powerful voice definitely has a hold on me. What do you think of the spoof and of LeBron's new team, the Miami Heat?

Music Monday: One Day

It's the unique blend of traditional Jewish themes with Reggae, rock and hip hop that makes Matisyahu an international sensation. The hasidic Jew did the impossible by staying true to his religious identity while adapting to pop culture. The result: an infectious, uplifting song that you won't be able to stop listening to. Really, it's that good.

Love and Marriage

Photo Credit: Wire Image
Hollywood's first family is somewhat unconventional. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lots of love and lots of kids, but they're missing the traditional link of love. The famous twosome remain unmarried, forcing tabloids to report on their weekly "pending nuptials" or "imminent break-up." The public is getting tired of the will they/won't they story, but Angelina is finally addressing the topic on her own.

Calling Brad the "love of my life," Angelina finally lets her guard down. When the age-old marriage question is brought up, Angelina confirms that she and Brad will walk down the aisle, but only at the request of their children. I'm sure the tabloids will soon be bribing Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne to make their parents an honest couple. Anything to sell magazines, right?

Airport Chic

Photo Credit: Justin-Matingas/National Photo Group
Spotted: Sandra Bullock and son Louis Bardot looking casually cool in their earth tone ensembles before hopping a plane from Texas to Los Angeles.

Wedding Weekend

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," was the mantra on every bride's mind this weekend. Weddings were the talk of Hollywood, as the stars were clamoring to the alter. Among the bunch: Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony and Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs. The fashion, the venue, the guests and the drama will all be revealed in due time.

Photo Credit: Alanna Glicksman
In addition to the bevy of celebrities who said their "I Do's" this weekend, I was lucky enough to attend my good friend Saira's wedding. It was my first traditional Indian wedding, and it was definitely an affair to remember. The bride looked stunning in her shimmering red dress and her new husband was equally as regal in his traditional black attire. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Quote of the Day

Photo via: GACTV.com
"It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen," tweeted Dolly Parton.

Queen Gee

Just how popular is the reigning princess of pop? Let's just say that Lady Gaga could take down Regina George like that. The weather may not have cooperated, but fans still came out to support their Lady. And never one to disappoint, Gaga captivated the crowd. Love it!

Jul 9, 2010

Fail Whale

Mel Gibson is the latest celebrity to be turned into an online laughingstock. The actor's racist remarks and violet outbursts towards his ex-girlfriend have been flooding the blogosphere, but it's the ghostwriter of the @Real_MelGibson account that's getting the last laugh. Following in the footsteps of @BPGlobalPR, the Mel account is saying what everyone is thinking. A sample tweet, "The phone recording is simply me running lines for a new script with Oksana. She cut out the park at the end where I say, "...and Scene."

Recent reports claim that Gibson's agency, William Morris, dumped him after the allegations were made public. With no representation, Gibson is sure to become a Hollywood reject. Maybe he should learn to stop spewing hate if he ever wants to be regarded as a high class actor again.

Order and Chaos

Lindsay Lohan's life is undeniably a mess right now. Aside from her parental issues and "faulty" SCRAM bracelet, the troubled actress was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab. Lindsay's silent message to the judge has been making the rounds online, and not in a good way. The only bright spot in the otherwise dark court week is the leaking of her personal notes. Her life may be a mess, but the girl has got some nice penmanship! Don't mind the angle, I write on one too. I guess there's some truth to the saying about finding order in chaos. 

Eat Pray Love

America's eternal sweetheart Julia Roberts seems perfect for the film version of Eat Pray Love. I only just started reading the book, but so far the casting choice seems superb. I've loved her since Pretty Woman, and I'm sure this movie will only cement her A-List status. Don't forget to pick up a copy of the best-seller before the film version hits theaters on August 13.

Side Note: In other Julia news, the actress has been spotted out and about in downtown Toronto. The star is an executive producer on the new film Jesus Henry Christ, and has been a fixture in Queen West stores Preloved, Type Books and Terroni. 

Brit Squared

Summer hiatus may have stolen the GLEE from our television screens, but the news keeps streaming in. After yesterday's staggering 19 Emmy nominations, creator Ryan Murphy is keeping the momentum high by announcing a new Britney Spears themed episode. The pop princess had lobbied the show and fans to create the episode using her Twitter account, and like all things social media, the web really paid off.

ET revealed, "While there's no word if the pop princess herself will appear on the hit show, "Glee" creator/writer Ryan Murphy tells ET that the show is currently in the middle of writing a Spears episode. The hit show... will also air a big tribute episode after next year's Super Bowl, but Murphy didn't reveal which star it will be based on, only hinting that we were "close" by guessing Michael Jackson."

While I doubt that Spears will actually be brought in for a cameo, I'm guessing that they'll use the episode to showcase another Brittany. Actress Heather Morris, who plays dimwit Brittany on the show, is hopefully going to make her first solo-starring appearance as Ms. Spears herself. Morris is a professional dancer and is said to have a wicked voice. Wouldn't Brittany on Britney be awesome?

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