Jul 9, 2010

Fail Whale

Mel Gibson is the latest celebrity to be turned into an online laughingstock. The actor's racist remarks and violet outbursts towards his ex-girlfriend have been flooding the blogosphere, but it's the ghostwriter of the @Real_MelGibson account that's getting the last laugh. Following in the footsteps of @BPGlobalPR, the Mel account is saying what everyone is thinking. A sample tweet, "The phone recording is simply me running lines for a new script with Oksana. She cut out the park at the end where I say, "...and Scene."

Recent reports claim that Gibson's agency, William Morris, dumped him after the allegations were made public. With no representation, Gibson is sure to become a Hollywood reject. Maybe he should learn to stop spewing hate if he ever wants to be regarded as a high class actor again.

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