Jul 22, 2010

Hear Me Roar

If there's one thing her reality shows have taught us, it's not to upset Kelly Cutrone. The PR maven, who I found to be quite charming, knows what she wants. With a hectic schedule to keep up with, Kelly rightfully expects for her requests to be fulfilled. If they're not - she has no problem voicing her complaints.

The most recent example comes from the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto (airport location). Following a night of meditation with AMMA, Kelly requested two wake-up calls and a pot of coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, the service staff did not understand the message and failed to equip Kelly with her requests. As any upset customer would do, Kelly voiced her complaint.

The difference? Kelly is a pop culture icon with the ability to have her message spread through the masses. While someone like you or me could voice a concern and have it go relatively unnoticed, a bad review from Kelly will wind up on the Huffington Post. Will this bad publicity affect the Sheraton brand? Not likely, but it's never pleasant to have videos like this floating around. Next time, Sheraton, ensure that you comply with your guests' requests - especially if they're famous.

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