Jul 3, 2010

Little White Dress

Photo Credit: Everett
Valley Girls, the word "like" and little white dresses have long been celebrated in the Hollywood classic, Clueless. While the Valley talk has never been far from our lips, the LWD was replaced with the LBD. Now, thanks to Ilaria Urbinati, co-owner of L.A. boutique Confederacy, Cher Horowitz's iconic Calvin Klein dress will be back in the limelight.

The journey back to LWD territory began when Urbinati met with Calvin Klein's creative director about stocking Calvin Klein Collection. Urbinati's one condition: remake the little white dress from Clueless. Claims Urbinati, "I sort of geeked out on him, [explaining] how my formative-years love of Calvin Klein was partly base on the little white minidress Alicia Silverstone wears in Clueless."You know, the scene between Cher and her father - 'Cher, what are you wearing?' 'A dress!' 'Says who?' 'Calvin Klein!'

It didn't take much to convince the fashion house to remake the iconic dress. Now, the slim-fitting white slipdress is available at shopconferacy.com for $915. Start saving up, ladies - it's your chance to own a piece of film history.

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