Jul 14, 2010

Making Old Spice New Again

Confession time: everyone has had an Old Spice experience. Whether it's your scent of choice or your boyfriend's, the smell is hard to miss. While the brand is still top of mind when considering deodorant choices, the 71-year-old company was obviously looking to spice up their image (no pun intended). Enter social media.

The content rich fan page, 140-character tweets and accompanying YouTube videos have made a splash in the online sphere. Breaking through the clutter is an obvious challenge for all brands trying to make an impact on consumers, but Old Spice's formula is a winner.

Essentially, Old Spice is taking online engagement to a whole new level. Every company is capable of replying to Facebook and Twitter messages with text, but Old Spice has turned to YouTube. Capitalizing on the service's instantaneous posting abilities, spokesperson/personality Isaiah Mustafa is personally responding to tweets mentioning Old Spice. I don't mean generic "thanks for your tweet" videos, but hilarious responses performed in true "Old Spice" form. Case in point: Anonymous.

The hilarious short clips are making a splash online, much like the swan dive in the original video (above). The amount of online chatter is astounding and the video responses have all gone viral. The company even chose to sponsor a trending topic on Twitter, although I doubt it was needed. Utilizing various aspects of social media has obviously paid off for Old Spice. They are the brand of the moment, and it seems like no one can get enough of Isaiah Mustafa. If this doesn't win the public relations/social media campaign of the year, I don't know what will... 
What do you think about the campaign? 

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