Jul 7, 2010

The Nail Hanger

Photo Credit: Getty Images
The cardinal rule in court is to respect the judge. You know, the person who holds your fate in his or her hands, the one with the power to send you to the streets or to the cell. Apparently Lindsay Lohan had a momentary lapse of judgement, forgetting that the paparazzi document her every move and her every wardrobe choice. While the troubled actress appeared demure in her classic suit, her nails told a different story. The odd multicolored polish was adorned with a special message for the judge, on her middle finger, no less: "Fuck U."
Photo Credit: Getty Images
It was just two simple words, but they are having a lasting effect on how the media and the public view Lindsay's true feelings. She may have cried about her sentence of 90 days in jail and three months of rehab, but how sincere were her feelings?

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