Jul 6, 2010


Photo Credit: Canadian Press
Hats may be her preferred headpiece of choice, but Queen Elizabeth II still knows how to rock the crown. Call it a case of crown envy, but I'm completely enamored.

The head of the British monarchy is currently wrapping up her Canadian tour. It's not just her impressive and immaculate wardrobe that has impressed onlookers, but her vivacity and spunk. The Queen, at 84 years young, has been trekking around the GTA, with notable stops at RIM (personalized BlackBerry!), Pinewood studios (3D glasses!) and a blacked out dinner at the Fairmont Royal York (the crown!).

She'll be returning home to England shortly, but this visit made it clear that the Queen still holds a special spot in the hearts of Canadians. The monarchy may be across the pond now, but with idyllic figures like Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry, it's obvious that our allegiance to the Queen is still somewhat strong. Now where can I find myself a crown?

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