Jul 30, 2010

Saving Face

The power of Madonna is not limited to albums, concerts and Glee. The queen of pop has also impacted the fashion world through her iconic cone bras, virginal wedding dress or Louis Vuitton ensembles. Now, the material girl is passing the fashion torch to her daughter, the always hip Lourdes.

Better known as Lola, the 13-year-old embodies the trends du jour. She's no Tavi Gevinson when it comes to writing, but the girl has got her mother backing her every move. Lola's latest pet project is Material Girl, a joint project with Madonna and Macy's. The contemporary punk line is said to be trendy and the perfect fit for all material girls. The only problem is it's "face."

Branding is essential when it comes to fashion. Trying to break through the already crowded department stores and luxury shops is difficult without first constructing a rock solid image. The most basic way to generate awareness of a brand is through a face that best represents the values of the brand. The wrong face can be detrimental in the fashion world. Just look at how Lindsay Lohan's Ungaro stint worked out. Sure, she was brought on as the creative director, but her association plummeted the look and feel of the brand. The Material Girl brand will face a similar feat thanks to their new face, Taylor Momsen.

The Gossip Girl misfit is the last person you would want representing your brand. The 17-year-old smokes, enjoys her vibrator and struts around in hooker shoes. Material Girl is being marketed to tweens and teens, but I don't know any parents that would want their children associated with bad girl Taylor. I'm sure Madonna's association with the brand will influence sales, but next season Material Girl should consider a better suited face.

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