Jul 7, 2010

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

It was 1999 when Eminem transformed the rap music scene with My Name Is. After a few highly successful albums and acting stints, the troubled rapper took a hiatus from the Hollywood scene, only to resurface this summer with more heart and soul. Don't get me wrong - I'm sure Slim Shady is still acting like a tough guy, but his new songs have a softer more personal edge to them. He lends his rapping skills to B.O.B. and Hayley Williams' Airplanes, and duets with Rihanna on the poignant Love the Way You Lie. The songs are receiving major airplay, and fans are flocking back to the rapper that truly changed the game.  I'm loving his new work. What do you think of Eminem's summer songs? 

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