Jul 27, 2010

World of Wonder

He played a high school jock in the family-friendly High School Musical franchise, but now Zac Efron is all about the drama. Having ditched the teenybopper persona to play the title character in Charlie St. Cloud, Efron proves his acting chop are a cut above the rest. The 22-year-old star parlayed the much-needed emotional struggle the role required, while still maintaining his boyish good looks and pearly-white smile.

The film centers around Charlie St. Cloud (Efron), who survives an accident that lets him see the world in a unique way. The emotionally charged story gives audiences a glimpse into grief and romance, and the choice between life or death. The transformative power of love is demonstrated through Charlie's relationship with his dead brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan), and his love interest, Tess (Amanda Crew).

Call me a sap, but I really liked the movie. It's not just because I was able to stare at Zac the whole time, but the storyline was heartwarming, proving that love and life always prevail.

Side Note: Any Young Drivers alums would recognize Charlie's failure to comply with the cardinal rule in defensive driving - never turn your wheels while waiting to make a turn. It's this error which catapults the story into an emotional saga, after Sam dies as a result of the car accident.

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