Aug 29, 2010

Bell Bottom

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty
With her Cheerios uniform at home, Glee star Dianna Agron was the belle of the ball. Unfortunately, the star's floral organza Carolina Herrera was a bit too reminicent of a church bell for me, but her make-up was impeccable. What do you think of the gown?


  1. Ugh! Seriously gross dress. When I saw this and Guiliana was praising it, I couldn't believe it!

  2. It's too matronly. She seems sweet - maybe Guiliana didn't want to upset her...

  3. Is grey even IN this season??

  4. i don't like it. love agron though and herrara. the dress isn't age-appropriate for her and just generally find the layering awkward to look at.


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