Aug 22, 2010

Blast From The '90s Past

The microblogging information highway continues to bring bloggers and journalists newsworthy stories. While the information may be blasted in limiting 140-character tweets, the bite size news gives us plenty of content.

The latest story is courtesy of former child star Candace Cameron Bure. Although she will forever be known as DJ Tanner from Full House, the wife, mother of three and Jesus lover is still keeping her fading persona relevant. Her latest must-see tweet is a blast from the '90s past. "You asked for it!!! Urkel & DJ are back. @jaleel_white and Jeff Franklin creator of Full House," she TweetPhoto'ed.
The reference of Full House and Family Matters in one tweet/picture is too much for stuck-in-television-past people like me. While I wish DJ was still wearing her jean overalls and Urkel was rocking his suspenders and glasses, this picture is the perfect blend of old meets new. I propose that the next reunion includes fan favorite Kimmy Gibler. Who do you want to see?

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