Aug 8, 2010

Goodbye My Friends

Photo via HBO
The boys won't be back in town for long. Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle, Ari and crew have fascinated us for years with their Hollywood antics in Entourage, but it's now been confirmed that the eighth season will be the last. Currently in its seventh season, the wildly popular show has obviously come close to running its course and will not be gracing us with its presence much longer. Set to end in 2011, the eighth season will be comprised of only six episodes. As a Lloyd and Ari enthusiast, I'll be missing them the most. Which character will you miss?


  1. Maybe there will be a movie?? Hasn't that always been rumoured

  2. Yes - there are rumors of a movie floating around. Jeremy Piven recently joked that he's trying to earn brownie points from Mark Whalberg by cleaning his pool. Only time will tell if the rumors are true...


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