Aug 23, 2010

Irretrievably Broken

A divorce has been granted thanks to Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's "irretrievably broken" marriage. The world has been anxiously waiting for the Swedish beauty to bid the pro golfer goodbye following the shocking revelations of Tiger's multiple mistresses. While the mistresses kept coming forward, we kept waiting for Elin to make her move out of the marriage.

Anyone who has taken a public relations course or has seen The Good Wife knows that a wife's support is the only surefire way to regain the public's support and trust. Elin's failure to appear at Tiger's highly publicized events (public apology, first golf tournament) was a sign that she had not moved past the betrayal. With his public image in shambles, Tiger's endorsement deals continued to be at risk and his future as the one of the highest earning sports player was compromised.

While the divorce won't guarantee Tiger any leniency in the press, it puts Elin in a positive position. Often seen behind the scenes, press-shy Elin now has her chance to shine. By putting the children first and leaving Tiger high and dry, Elin will captivate the world's support. No one wants to support a cheating spouse, especially when there's a innocent children to care for. Another bonus for the former Mrs.Woods? A substantial settlement. No word yet on how much of Tiger's $900 million fortune she'll inherit, but I'm sure it will be plentiful. What do you think of the sage?

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