Aug 12, 2010

It's in the BAG

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC
Drama is a necessity on primetime television. The networks need a certain je ne sais quoi to hold viewers' attention in our ADD-filled society. Scandals, cat-fights and new faces are generally the go-to resources for spicing up a seasons-long program.

The season seven premiere of ABC's primetime soap Desperate Housewives promises to bring viewers the added oomph the show's been losing. We can only watch so many characters go through money troubles, cheating scandals and silly arguments before we all start to lose our cool. The highly uneventful finale simply revealed that MJ was not Susan and Mike's biological son - not so shocking considering past finales have actually made a splash. In order to keep viewers tuned in, the network is bringing in the guns and tattoos - literally.

A fantastically built and decorated Brian Austin Green will be joining the cast as Bree's new handyman. Sure, the storyline seems extremely similar to Gabrielle's season one hunky gardener (Jesse Metcalfe), but BAG has a secret weapon: Beverly Hills 90210. The alum will forever be remembered as David Silver and this will keep the fans in their seats. Jesse was a relative newcomer when he starred on the show (Passions, anyone?), but BAG has an existing fan base who have been patiently waiting for him to return to the soap-style television lineup.

Until season 10 of Beverly Hills 90210 is released, Desperate Housewives has my full attention. Will you be tuning in?

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