Sep 12, 2010

Chasing Ben Affleck AT TIFF

By Sasha B. Cohen, Junior Paparazzi at TIFF 2010

I wasn't even sure who Ben Affleck was, but when my mom nearly pulled my arm out of its socket when he walked right in front of us at the Four Seasons Hotel, I found out pretty quickly! That was my first Film Fest experience - wow! But the picture we got was of the back of his head. Not good enough! To get a better picture we made our way to Roy Thomson Hall for the premiere of The Town starring yes, Ben Affleck.

It was amazing...except if you were short! I had only one option, get up on my dad's shoulders to take pictures! (His poor back!) People were saying "OMG you're so cute!" But I was too busy taking pix of Rachel McAdams (missed her) and Jennifer Garner (got her!). Suddenly, Ben Affleck got out of a car. The crowd went crazy and my mom got the perfect pic! By that time, I was so tired...I was done! Who knew being a Jr paparazzi could be so exhausting!

(c) All photos courtesy of Sasha Cohen/Elissa Freeman


  1. Amazing guest-blog, Sasha! So Jealous that you got to see Ben, Jen & Rachel! Wish my mom had taken me celeb-stalking when I was younger - I'm just learning the ropes now (and am not very good at it). Keep us updated on your paparazzi ways =)

    Congrats on your mini-blogger, Elissa!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! We had a blast - chasing celebs is very hard's a good work ethic to teach kids while they're young...right?


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