Sep 6, 2010

Dream Dentist

Thanks to the inevitable cleanings, fillings and extractions, trips to the dentist are never high on the enjoyment scale. I'm all for keeping my super straight pearly whites in tip top form, but the painful experience always leaves me dreading my next visit. One thing that could brighten up my check-ups? John Stamos.

Joining the new season of GLEE is television's most famous uncle. Stamos will make his first appearance in the second episode of the season as Emma's dentist beau, Dr. Carl Howell. Judging by Stamos' recent comment, expect an Uncle Jesse mullet flashback and a sing-off with Matthew Morrison.

"Just when Will thinks he'll win Emma because he can sing and dance, we found out Carl used to be in an '80s boy band," said John.

Stamos will also be socializing with the kids who likely grew up idolizing Uncle Jesse on Full House. His character will be administering anesthesia to hygienically challenged studies Rachel (Lea Michele), Artie (Kevin McHale), Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera), inspiring a Britney Spears dream sequence. Who's excited?!

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