Sep 10, 2010

Lady in the Red Dress (SPOILER!)

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Aside from McDreamy, the evolution of Christina Yang is one of the reasons fans continue to tune into Grey's Anatomy. Often blasted for being lackluster and uneventful, the show has been losing a steady stream of viewers during its seven season run. While the season finales never fail to disappoint (Denny dies! George dies! Gunman lets loose!), strong character arcs are needed to captivate the audience throughout the season.

The evolution of Christina Yang will be the main reason why I tune into the show this season. Fantastically portrayed by Canadian actress Sandra Oh, Christina is known for her sharp humor and insecurities. Fans watched her let her guard down in season three, only to be left at the alter by her mentor and former love-of-her-life, Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). After mourning her loss, Christina had her inner security fence resurrected and failed to let another man have her heart until Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) entered the hospital.

While their relationship has been nothing short of tumultuous, Christina and Owen finally realize that they are made for each other. After surviving the horrifying shooting at the hospital, the duo decide to tie the knot and make their relationship official on the September 23 season premiere.

With her fairy tale wedding a failure, sensible Christina is going the nontraditional route for her latest nuptials. "When she was about to marry Burke, many of the decisions weren't really hers," Sandra said. "She never wanted to get married or wear 'the dress.' Having a much more relaxed and casual wedding is closer to who she and Owen are." Lady in the red dress, see you at the alter!

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