Sep 27, 2010

Aging Beauty

There aren't many Hollywood powerhouses who choose to age gracefully. With facelifts, boob jobs and tummy tucks running rampant in the industry, it's a wonder anyone looks human anymore. Not to say that all plastic surgery is bad plastic surgery, but drastically altering one's face is a definite no-no.

When I think about aging beauties, the only person who comes to mind is Helen Mirren. The 65-year-old Oscar-winning actress always looks polished and effortless, whether she's wearing the queen's tiara, walking the red carpet or lounging in a bikini, Mirren always looks exquisite.

Talking to Woman and Home magazine, Mirren says "holding your tummy is another trick for making you feel good. I don't know why, but I do, by nature, hold my tummy in." Another body slimming trick: platform heels. "Four-inch platforms give you great height and make your legs look unbelievably long. I used to only be able to get them in stripper shops, but now you can buy them everywhere - although, unfortunately, that means everyone else has discovered the trick too."
Helen Mirren and the cast of The Debt at the TIFF gala
Photo credit: Alanna Glicksman

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