Sep 5, 2010

TIFF10: Trust

With the TIFF quick approaching, Toronto is gearing up for the ultimate celebrity infiltration. The hot-ticket galas are sold out and people are clamoring for extra tickets. I was lucky enough to score tickets to four gala premieres, and I'm already anticipating some major star power at each.

Kicking off my leg of the festival is the David Schwimmer-product Trust. The story centers around the Cameron family and the event that changes their world forever. When Will (Clive Owen) and Lynn's (Catherine Keener) fourteen-year-old daughter Annie makes a new friend online - sixteen-year-old Charlie - they don't think much of it. But when Annie and Charlie plan to meet, she discovers that her "friend" is really a forty-year old serial pedophile (Chris Henry Coffey) and once Annie's rape comes to light, its effect reverberates through the entire family. Sounds captivating, right?

Red carpet fixtures: David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends), Clive Owen and Catherine Keener. 

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