Oct 27, 2010

The A List In Vegas

The allure of Las Vegas got the best of me, again. The A List will be leaving her new condo life for a weekend in Sin City with her birthday boy. The casinos, the restaurants and the sun will have to take priority over blogging this weekend. Oh, and did I forget to mention it's Halloween? All the reality stars are heading down to host their parties and I have a feeling I'll be able to spot Snooki and the Situation getting their GTL on in the hotels.

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Love Lost

The Upper East Side will once again mourn the loss of Lonely Boy and his socialite stunner. After a steamy three-year romance, Gossip Girl costars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively are no longer an item. According to a source, the "professionals" are drama free and are "still good friends and hang out on the set." So much for the GG style drama!

One detail to note: both stars appeared at this year's Toronto International Film Festival solo. Although they were in our fair city at the same time, the pair were never spotted sipping their lattes or dining a deux. Reports claim they split in mid-September - could this be the proof?

Oct 26, 2010

The Event

"It was an eventful trip," mused Denise Richards. The actress, fresh from dropping ex-husband Charlie Sheen off at the hospital, kept the details to herself during an appearance on the Howard Stern show. The now chummy exes were in the Big Apple with their daughters, Sam and Lola, before Charlie got a little too inebriated at his hotel. While his rep cries "allergic reaction!", the media and The A List are on Team Intoxicated. Old tricks die hard, right Charlie? 

Merino Cool

I'm an OPI girl at heart, but Essie's Merino Cool has stolen my nails. The best part of my bi-monthly manicures, an indulgence my digits and I cannot live without, is choosing the color. My winter reds and summer whites are now rivaled by my fall mulberry. Seriously, it's like a little piece of autumn heaven in a bottle. Happy painting ladies!

Oct 25, 2010

Plaid and Pretty

Photo Credit: WENN
Spotted sipping lattes on the Upper East Side were a friendly B and D, enemies no longer. With Waldass now but a page in Gossip Girl history books, it's about time Blair makes nice with Dan.

Oct 24, 2010


Always finding a way to stay in the spotlight, Kanye West has turned to directing. His debut short, Runaway, focuses on the ill-fated romance between West and a Phoenix, played by Selita Ebanks. The otherworldly relationship is torn apart after the Phoenix is discriminated against for her unusual behavior and features. The soundtrack is courtesy of West's fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and I've been hearing mixed reviews online. What do you think of the clip?


Oct 23, 2010

The New News

With social media reinventing the way we receive our news, traditional outlets are forced to be creative to break through the clutter. While Twitter and Facebook provide us with instantaneous updates, regular broadcast news can seem repetitive, especially when we already know the key happenings.

Dallas' Fox4 News recognized the ever-growing presence of social created a spoof designed to entertain journalists. Momentum was gained after releasing it to the public and suddenly news became interesting again. Check it out!

Oct 21, 2010

Can't Look Away

It takes a confident woman to admit she's jealous of these characters. Luckily, I'm not afraid to shout my love for Luke Perry/Dylan McKay from the roof of my condo. While the images are reminiscent of Awkward Family Photos, I'm envious of these peoples extremely close proximity to the television man of my dreams. I still don't understand why Luke was at DragonCon, but I wish I was there. Dylan McKay, be mine?

Photo Source: Flickr and BuzzFeed

Shock Your Wallet

Designer looks don't always come with skyrocketing prices. That's right ladies, the high fashion you're swooning over is the exclusive, but recessionista chic, Lanvin for H&M line. The madness begins November 20 - bring it.

Not From The Block

Jenny may be from the block, but her kids are being raised in style. Starring in the new Gucci ad campaign alongside her too-cute twins is diva extraordinaire Jennifer Lopez. While Jennifer glows, its Max and Emme who steal the show. His sunglasses, her curls and their star smiles are too much too handle. Nice one, Gucci!

Images via Huffington Post

Oct 20, 2010

Return to the Creek

Photo Credit: GSI
There is something so Joey Potter about this picture. Be it the fresh face, the wide smile or that certain sparkle in her eye, Katie Holmes is resembling her former girl next door self. Oh, minus the iPad and cocktail dress of course.

Infant Royalty

Encased in its mother's womb is the next prince or princess of hip hop. According to reports, music royalty Beyonce and Jay-Z are finally expecting their first child. I wouldn't even be surprised if the future Grammy winner leaves the womb singing instead of crying.

What the Ronson

Ladies, I must be missing something but I just don't understand Samantha Ronson appeal. The Hollywood DJ is best known for causing Lindsay Lohan to switch teams, but now she's rumored to have gotten frisky with another starlet. The recently separated Christina Aguilera has apparently been getting cozy with Sam, both before and after filing for divorce. Call me crazy, but why does Sam have this sort of pull with Hollywood ladies?

The only rationale I can think of is that she gives the girl's what they ultimately want - a shoulder to cry on. With Christina's marriage issues and Lindsay's addiction problems weighing heavily on their lives, perhaps Sam was the one they turned to in times of need. Was it really her compassion that caused them to bat for the other team, though?


Oct 19, 2010

Glee Gone Wild

A lot can change in one year. After going from relative unknowns to the cool kids in school, Glee's Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele are working it for the GQ cameras. Engaging in the telltale freshman orientation of the innocence-losing photoshoot (think Britney Spears in Rolling Stone), Dianna and Lea leave little to the imagination. Giving their best prep school gone bad, the stars open up about life pre-Glee.

 Rumored diva and former Broadway queen Lea Michele proves her normalcy by not going the deviated septum route. "I was one of the only girls in my high school that didn't get one," she told the magazine. "And if anybody needed it, I probably did. But my mom always told me, growing up, 'Barbara Streisand didn't get a nose job. You're not getting a nose job.'" It must be a Jewish thing - my family feeds me the same line.

Discussing his rebellious side, Glee's resident male airhead admits to a troubled past. The Canadian actor dropped out of high school in the ninth grade and was drawn to "this whole world of excitement and danger outside the doors of high school - this kind of renegade teenage lifestyle." The bad boy admits that in his home and native land of Victoria, British Columbia, "you have to really look to get in trouble...but I was industrious. Skipping school. Drinking. All that kind of crap." Take note Victorians - skipping math can lead to Hollywood stardom.

Want more? Pick up this month's issue of GQ and tune into Glee.

All photos credited to Terry Richardson for GQ

Oct 18, 2010

King of Controversy

Kanye West seems to have a penchant for nudity. The king of controversy and former boytoy of nearly-naked Amber is rekindling his flame for the human form with his new album cover. The so-called banned artwork, designed for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, does feature an odd sex, but the controversy may be fiction.

A source says that the artwork was never banned, but Kanye is raising the album's profile by claiming it was. The rapper tweeted, "Banned in the USA!!! They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!", but is this just another Taylor Swift-style publicity stunt?

Whip It: Sesame Style

You know you've made it when Sesame Street features your new song. Welcome to stardom, Willow Smith!

Somewhere out there, Tom Cruise is devastated that his starlet-in-training Suri didn't break into the music scene first.

Oct 17, 2010

Between Laughs

Rarely does a genuinely funny actor make it in mainstream media. With the advent of so many media channels, it takes a particular brand of celebrity to captivate audiences in film, television and social media. One actor who's clearly cut above the rest is the hilarious Zach Galifianakis. Yes, that bearded guy that had you in stitches during The Hangover is continuing to give us laughing attacks online. His hit Funny or Die web series Between Two Ferns is the best thing to happen to online webisodes. Have you joined the movement?

Obsession of the Month

My iPod has been overloaded with Flo Rida lately. For the past month, I have not been able to resist listening to Club Can't Handle Me over and over again. Literally, I can listen to the same track five times in a row without pressing next. I don't know if it's possible to be in lust with a song, but I am. Warning: it's highly addictive!

Side Note: I realized I blogged about this very song in the summer, but it's come back for more. Enjoy!

Oct 14, 2010

She Wore What?

I may have missed something, but since when is it appropriate for a 17-year-old to dress like this. Taylor Momsen, best known as Gossip Girls' Little J, has continuously tried to ditch her Cindy Lou Who past. The new Revolver cover features the rebellious gun-toting singer/actress in lingerie. Scandalous? Yes, but not as risque as her new video for "Make Me Wanna Die" with the Pretty Reckless. Taylor has consistently dissed fellow young starlets for their wannabe ways, but it seems like she has more in common with Miley Cyrus than she thinks...

Oct 13, 2010

Suit Up!

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS
Avid How I Met Your Mother lover and A List devotee Kyle Lichtman is here to bring you a special announcement about today's little known holiday. Enjoy!

How I Met Your Mother—it’s the most awesome part of Monday.

Legendary character Barney Stinson, of the hit show How I Met Your Mother has inherited quite the following. Through loyal HIMYM viewers, “Barney’s Blog” readers or even those who purchased “The Bro Code",  Barney provides his fans with awesome life lessons such as “The Hot/Crazy Scale” and “The Cheerleader Effect”.  He even provides his own words of inspiration: “…be awesome instead.”

While there are countless HIMYM Barney moments to reminisce over, Barney Stinson’s first commandment and most common demand of his best friends is “suit up!”.  In honor of “suiting up” and always looking awesome, October 13, 2010 is "International Suit-Up Day".  Celebrating this new holiday is easy— all you really need to do is wear a suit anywhere you’re going today. Wear your finest to work, to school, out for a drink or even at home watching the game.

In true Barney style, this currently well-dressed loyal follower urges everyone to SUIT UP! If you don’t trust me…trust Barney, “there’s no accepted substitute”…Nothing will suit you like a suit!

Editor's note: For those who don't watch HIMYM [myself included], find more information on InternationalSuitUpDay.com or SuitUpDay.com. 

Oct 12, 2010

Fresh Princess

Knocking her father Will Smith from his throne, daughter Willow continues to impress listeners with her hit song, Whip My Hair. With a Rihanna-like vibe to it, the song is the perfect blend of cool and catchy. Seriously, I love it.

The fresh princess of Hollywood.

Seperate Ink

With the Hollywood baby boom at a standstill, the stars are getting more attention for their troubled love lives than their adorable offspring. Yesterday, it was Courtney Cox and David Arquette's separation that rocked the gossip sites, but today it's Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman's demise that has everyone chattering.

After confirming that her five-year marriage is over, Christina remarked that despite the split,  their "commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever." While her devotion to her son is admirable, I want to know what Christina plans to do with her tattoo. After marrying her Jewish soon-to-be-ex, Christina inked Jordan's Hebrew initials on her arm. The easier to hide lower back tattoo is also dedicated to Jordan - it's the Hebrew text ani lidodi v'dodi li (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine). Will she invest in some painful tattoo removal sessions or will she keep the ink as a reminder of her first marriage?

The Routine

Don't even try denying your love for Friends. Seriously, just don't. For ten years we laughed, loved and cried with the Central Perk six and watched their real lives evolve through the tabloids. With the news of Courtney Cox's separation yesterday, today's announcement of David Schwimmer's wedding seems oddly fitting. On the hit show, Monica (Cox) was luckily in love with Chandler, while brother Ross (Schwimmer) continuously pined over Rachel. Now, Courtney's left without a husband and David is suddenly plus a permanent one with wife Zoe Buckman. Word to the wise - don't ask Courtney for marriage advice.

Oct 11, 2010

Twin Hollywood

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online
They may have the worst names in baby Hollywood, but Marion and Tabitha Broderick lucked out in the genetics category. The fraternal twins made a too-cute appearance with their parents Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker in New York City on Sunday.

With the influx of adorable youngsters populating Hollywood, I suggest Vanity Fair scraps its "New Hollywood" cover for a "Baby Hollywood" issue. Wouldn't you love that?

Taut Tummy

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin.com
Most girls can spend hours on the treadmill each day and still fail to look like this. That's right, endless hours sweating it out in the gym will still never bring us regular folk into Gisele Bundchen territory. The Victoria's Secret model flaunted her post-baby body in all it's glory with 9-month Benjamin Brady in her toned arms. If we didn't see multiple photos of her pregnant, I would assume she used a surrogate or adopted. Unfortunately for me, Gisele's taut tummy only makes me want to hit the floor for some push-ups. Unfair, right?

Screaming Divorce

They've Scream-ed, loved and procreated, but David Arquette and Courtney Cox are splitting up after 11 years of marriage. The couple, who have a six-year-old daughter named Coco, have fought hard to make their relationship work. They've admitted to attending therapy together but even after all the effort, a source claims that "they just grew apart."

"The reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage," they said in a statement. "We remain best friends and responsible parents to our daughter and we still love each other deeply. As we go through this process we are determined to use kindness and understanding to get through this together."

Courtney and David have always seemed like an odd pairing. She, the mature, classic beauty, and he, the immature goofball, once proved that opposites do attract. But now, it seems like Courtney needs a more adult partner.

Helping Courtney move on from the split will likely be everyone's favorite Friend, Jennifer Aniston. Finally, some good will come of Jennifer's high profile split with Brad Pitt. The only thing we can hope for - no "other woman" in this new divorce.

UPDATE: No sex for four months? Well that's what David's blaming the separation on. Listen here!

Ojai I Do

Photo Credit: Flynetpictures.com
His onscreen relationship may be in trouble, but Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable is now a happily married man. The too-cute actor, 31, wed his girlfriend of two-years, Odette Yustman, 25, in an outdoor ceremony on Sunday in Ojai, California. Yes, the same Ojai that Dave's character Justin Walker calls home on the hit show. As if I wasn't already jealous, Odette donned a Monique Lhuillier gown and gaggles of Neil Lane diamonds. Doesn't it sound perfect?

Photo Credit: Credit: Lauren and Abby Ross Photography/thehiltonmediagroup.com/Blessed Productions Inc and Big Rod Productions Inc
As if becoming man and wife isn't enough for the genetically blessed duo, Odette will be joining Dave on Brothers & Sisters this season. With Justin and Rebecca's divorce now common knowledge, Odette will be brought in as Justin's new love interest. Apparently Odette will play a nurse who starts to fall for Justin while he mourns his split from Rebecca. The show's producers must really have a thing for the onscreen/off-screen romances - Dave used to date Emily Van Camp, who plays Rebecca. How scandalous!

Oct 10, 2010

Oh Brother

Trying to make himself relevant again, former pop star Aaron Carter posted this picture of him on Twitter. The once-scrawny star has obviously been hitting the gym (and maybe the "juice') but it hasn't helped his star rise. His Backstreet Boy brother Nick is still experiencing some mediocre fame with the boy band's recent tour, but Aaron needs to make his own name for himself. Hint: body building isn't the way to gain female fans.

Snooping in on Love

Photo Credit: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vnoodh Matadin/ W Magazine
I'm a shameless people watcher, but even I feel guilty watching Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling's love bloom in Blue Valentine. The Oscar nominated stars shine as lovers in Blue Valentine and are already receiving rave reviews for their performance. Their chemistry is palpable, so much so that I almost forgot about Ryan and Rachel McAdams everlasting romance in The Notebook. Seriously - it's that good. Watch for yourself...

Who's The Boss?

Ready to upstage the glee club, the Boss himself will be sauntering through McKinley High School. That's right, Bruce Springsteen is in talks to guest star on an upcoming episode of Glee. If the deal goes through, Springsteen would appear as Finn's uncle while the rest of the cast performs the Boss's biggest hits.

While most shows tend to fizzle during their second season, Glee continues to enthrall viewers. With amazing guest stars (Stamos! Spears! Springsteen!) on board, it's shocking that there are still people who don't watch Fox's smash hit. What are you waiting for Gleeks?

Oct 9, 2010

Sweepin' the Smells Away

Sunny days, sweepin' the smells away, on my way to where the air is sweet, can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street...

Katy Perry may have been too controversial for Sesame Street, but Old Spice is right at home on everyone's favorite children's show. Channeling Isaiah Mustafa, Grover makes a seamless transition into the world of advertising. Don't you love it?

Oct 7, 2010

Why Not?

Photo Credit: Wenn.com
Everyone deserves a little Dylan McKay in their lives. The man who became every teenage girl's fantasy and subsequently broke their hearts is not easily forgotten. I may have finally finished the original Beverly Hills 90210 series last week* but I'm still not over my obsession with the elusive Dylan McKay (Luke Perry). The eternal bad boy, the original too-cool-for-school rich kid continues to enthrall me, wrinkles, goatee and all. Not to sound needy, but I need Luke to return to primetime television - life just isn't the same without him. For those of you who ended your 90210 run in 2000, how on earth are you coping?!

*Side Note: I was three when the series began and therefore I wasn't allowed to watch the sexcapades parents try and shield us from. Pity, I know. 

Oct 6, 2010

Oh Baby

I'll admit that I still know all the words to my favorite 'NSYNC and Backstreet Boys songs. To be honest, I can still remember the words to any song I listened to before I was thirteen (read: sugary sweet pop songs). When I was young, my mind was like a sponge. I could soak up all the information I wanted and I can still regurgitate it now at age 23. Ask me to memorize a math equation or a popular song today, and I'll express some difficulty. Blame it on maturity or an over-active brain, but my mind will be forever filled with pop songs of the past.

If kids today have the same issues that I did, we can expect them to remember certain lyrics for years to come. With Bieber Fever plaguing today's youth, it's no wonder that children as young as three are able to sing all the lyrics to his songs. Forget simply confessing their love for him - these three-year-old Beliebers are quickly expanding their vocabulary!

The latest obsessed super-fan is Xy, my co-worker's daughter, who also happens to be the cutest Belieber I've seen as of late. Isn't she adorable?

Oct 5, 2010

Sixty Pack

Photo Credit: Nintendo
Who said video games were for just for kids? After admitting that there were parts of her below the waist that she didn't like, Helen Mirren joined the Nintendo Wii movement. The gaming company tapped the 65-year-old Oscar winner to promote the Wii Fit Plus in the company's UK holiday campaign. Will she be baring her sixty-something six-pack soon?

Oct 4, 2010

Shower Time

While most people sing in the shower, I think about songs. Not in that over-analyzing way, but random lyrics just pop into my head while I'm enjoying the hot water. Today's random shower songs are brought to you by YTV's Hit List. Yes, Canadians, that Hit List. Every Friday night, pre-ABC's TGIF I, along with the rest of the tween population, tuned into the Hit List. While favorites like the Backstreet Boys, 'NSYNC and the Spice Girls continue to live on my iPod, there's other songs that just weren't as memorable until the shower brought them back to me.

It was like the voice of the Hit List calling out to me in the shower, begging me to do a YouTube search for B*Witched and All Saints. Sound familiar? Probably not. The one-hit wonder girl groups faded after their 15 minutes ran out, but luckily YouTube allows videos to live forever. Take a listen and let me know of the next song that comes to you in the shower.

The Social Men

Photo Credit: INF
They portray the internet's ultimate playboys onscreen, but the men of The Social Network looked sleek and suave at the film's France premiere. Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake's all-dressed-up look leaves female fans wanting to fan them on Facebook. Care for a poke?

Oct 3, 2010

The Harvard Dish

The most addictive social network to date took up even more of our valuable time this weekend with the release of the much-anticipated The Social Network. The "Facebook movie," as it's been dubbed, was all you could hope for and more. Delving into computer programming, Harvard's elite and the perpetual need to fit in, the story of Mark Zuckberg's rise to fame is one you shouldn't miss.

Perhaps even more interesting than the social network, the lawsuits and the awkward yet award-winning performance by Jesse Eisenberg was the insider dish on Harvard's legendary final clubs. The private groups made up of the school's most privileged students are infamous, yet little is known about them. The clubs are secretive and exclusive, only making them that much more appealing to university students anywhere. Portraying them on film was no easy task for screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, but lukily one very brainy actress was waiting in the wings to spill the dirt.

Arguably one of the school's most famous Hollywood alums, Natalie Portman was all too willing to let the secrets of the final clubs slip. The star, who studied at Harvard from 1999-2003 and dated a member of the Porcellian Club, invited Sorkin to dinner to gossip about her alma matter.

How did Sorkin repay his mole? With a shout-out in the film, of course. When one character mentions that Zuckerberg became the hottest thing on a campus that included Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, future Olympians and a movie star, just who do you think he was referring to?

Look at Me

Image via JustJared
We call it a fashion disaster now, but back in the day, dressing like your siblings was considered the it thing to do. Parents relished in the simple act of dressing their daughters or sons in identical garb, be it for a family photo, a party or a day in the park. I still remember the matching floral dresses and hats my middle sister and I were forced to wear to our baby sister's party. Cute isn't exactly the word I would choose to describe it, but the parents begged to differ. This wasn't the only time we dressed alike. Our wardrobes were pretty much identical growing up, given we wore different sizes and different colors. You have to add in the originality somwhere, right?

Proving that even A Listers fall privy to the same "fashion disasters" as us normal folk, Jennifer Garner took her matching daughters to the park. Dressed in identical striped dresses, the cutest kids in the Hollywood crop, Violet and Seraphina, threw in some unique touches to make their style stand out. While the striped dress provided the base for the outfit, Violet stayed warm in a pink cardigan while Seraphina rocked her yellow shoes. For some reason "fashion disaster" doesn't even enter my mind when looking at the lovely Affleck girls...

Oct 2, 2010


It's been on repeat in my car, on my iPod and on my MacBook Pro for days. Seriously, I cannot get enough of B.O.B ft. Rivers Cuomo's Magic. Enjoy!

Up In Flames

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
After their divorce failed to garner them the media attention they so desperately wanted, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt decided to seek solace in each other. The infamous reality stars have publicly reconciled, going so far as to burn their divorce papers on the Malibu beach. With photographers looking on, a clean-shaven Spencer and a revealing Heidi watched the past few months go up in flames as they rekindled their romance. No word yet on a new reality show or book from the media whores, but be patient. I'm sure Speidi has something interesting up their sleeves...

Oct 1, 2010

One More Time

Life is imitating art for Glee's good girl Lea Michele. After breaking out of her prim and proper shell on Tuesday's Britney Spears-themed episode, Lea's scantily clad Marie Claire UK spread is hitting the gossip blogs. The wannabe temptress attempts the sultry look, but I don't think she'll ever be able to live season one's schoolgirl outfits down. What do you think of her new look?

The A List Hits