Oct 3, 2010

Look at Me

Image via JustJared
We call it a fashion disaster now, but back in the day, dressing like your siblings was considered the it thing to do. Parents relished in the simple act of dressing their daughters or sons in identical garb, be it for a family photo, a party or a day in the park. I still remember the matching floral dresses and hats my middle sister and I were forced to wear to our baby sister's party. Cute isn't exactly the word I would choose to describe it, but the parents begged to differ. This wasn't the only time we dressed alike. Our wardrobes were pretty much identical growing up, given we wore different sizes and different colors. You have to add in the originality somwhere, right?

Proving that even A Listers fall privy to the same "fashion disasters" as us normal folk, Jennifer Garner took her matching daughters to the park. Dressed in identical striped dresses, the cutest kids in the Hollywood crop, Violet and Seraphina, threw in some unique touches to make their style stand out. While the striped dress provided the base for the outfit, Violet stayed warm in a pink cardigan while Seraphina rocked her yellow shoes. For some reason "fashion disaster" doesn't even enter my mind when looking at the lovely Affleck girls...

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