Oct 12, 2010

The Routine

Don't even try denying your love for Friends. Seriously, just don't. For ten years we laughed, loved and cried with the Central Perk six and watched their real lives evolve through the tabloids. With the news of Courtney Cox's separation yesterday, today's announcement of David Schwimmer's wedding seems oddly fitting. On the hit show, Monica (Cox) was luckily in love with Chandler, while brother Ross (Schwimmer) continuously pined over Rachel. Now, Courtney's left without a husband and David is suddenly plus a permanent one with wife Zoe Buckman. Word to the wise - don't ask Courtney for marriage advice.


  1. I LOVE Friends and I am so heartbroken to hear about Courteney's separation, but I don't think it's fair to say "don't ask her for marriage advice." I mean, it was David who appeared in pictures with a women with whom he was intimate, not Courteney with another man, right? Maybe it's David we shouldn't ask for marriage advice...

    And when you say, "for four years...," if you are referring to the length of the series, it actually ran for 10 seasons, not 4. I have all 10 of them on DVD :)

  2. Thanks Christa! I was rushing to write the post I don't even know why I wrote four! And yes, I totally see what you're saying about the Courtney/David situation. Maybe we shouldn't ask either of them for advice :)


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