Oct 4, 2010

Shower Time

While most people sing in the shower, I think about songs. Not in that over-analyzing way, but random lyrics just pop into my head while I'm enjoying the hot water. Today's random shower songs are brought to you by YTV's Hit List. Yes, Canadians, that Hit List. Every Friday night, pre-ABC's TGIF I, along with the rest of the tween population, tuned into the Hit List. While favorites like the Backstreet Boys, 'NSYNC and the Spice Girls continue to live on my iPod, there's other songs that just weren't as memorable until the shower brought them back to me.

It was like the voice of the Hit List calling out to me in the shower, begging me to do a YouTube search for B*Witched and All Saints. Sound familiar? Probably not. The one-hit wonder girl groups faded after their 15 minutes ran out, but luckily YouTube allows videos to live forever. Take a listen and let me know of the next song that comes to you in the shower.

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