Oct 7, 2010

Why Not?

Photo Credit: Wenn.com
Everyone deserves a little Dylan McKay in their lives. The man who became every teenage girl's fantasy and subsequently broke their hearts is not easily forgotten. I may have finally finished the original Beverly Hills 90210 series last week* but I'm still not over my obsession with the elusive Dylan McKay (Luke Perry). The eternal bad boy, the original too-cool-for-school rich kid continues to enthrall me, wrinkles, goatee and all. Not to sound needy, but I need Luke to return to primetime television - life just isn't the same without him. For those of you who ended your 90210 run in 2000, how on earth are you coping?!

*Side Note: I was three when the series began and therefore I wasn't allowed to watch the sexcapades parents try and shield us from. Pity, I know. 

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