Nov 7, 2010

Love What You Wear

For far too many years, I have sacrificed dry feet for comfort. Canadian winters are cruel - snow, sleet and below freezing temperatures wreck havoc on our feet as we are forced to choose between comfort, style and warmth. Ugss were my winter staple, regardless of them constatnly leaving my feet sopping wet. Up until two weeks ago, I had given up on ever finding the perfect boot combination. Then, a very special delivery arrived at my door.

As a new condo dweller, I absolutely love arriving home to find a package with my name on it at the concierge desk. This package was no ordinary one. Filled with all things Cougar Boots, it contained my winter staples: rain boots, winter boots, oversized sweatshirt, mug and hot chocolate. Really, all these goodies inside one extra-large package! While the taglined "for the world you walk on, love what you wear" sweatshirt and mug were instantly placed in my cupboards, it was the boots I was most excited about.

Retailing for $85 CDN ($80 US), the super-stylish Regal black rubber with polar fleece lining boots protect your feet up to 0°C to -24°C. And just in case mother nature and global warming decide to spring some even colder winter weather on us? The $200 CDN ($180 US) black Ringo Star suede/nylon with a polar plush lining will keep you warm from -10°C to -30°C. Both pairs are appropriate for various functions and can instantly take you from night to day.

What are you waiting for? Support the Canadian retailer and keep your stylish feet dry with Cougar Shoes. For a full list of retail locations, visit

I received this Cougar Shoes package to review on The A List. All opinions expressed are my own.

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