Nov 16, 2010

Modern Princess

With her dreadful Waity Kaity nickname behind her, Kate Middleton showed us her best princess look during today's media frenzy. Expertly matching her sapphire engagement ring to her elegant dress, Kate looked every bit the modern princess. After all, she has been preparing for this day for the past nine years.
Both traditional and social media sources have been going wild over the royal engagement, but the ring has been a source of contention. Some onlookers have expressed concern over Prince William giving Kate his mother, Princess Diana's, ring. Calling it inappropriate and foreshadowing, they say it was inappropriate to pass on such a tainted gift. If they had watched the interview, though, they would have seen that the ring was gifted to Kate with only the best intentions. Prince William explains that giving his future bride his mother's ring is his way of including his mother in the upcoming festivities. A prince and a charmer? My jealousy level is through the roof!

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