Dec 14, 2010

A-Listing The Top 10 Albums of the Year

Seasons greetings fellow A-listers! Your music correspondent is back with another compelling post. There has been a lot of fantastic music this year and while not all could make the cut (sorry Willow), I present the top 10 albums of 2010 (with an A-list skew). If you're curious to see what I am currently listening to, be sure to check out my blog. Happy Holidays! Love you - Ari

Only Kanye. After being insulted by Obama, humiliated on South Park, ridiculed on the Today Show, only Kanye would go on to produce the best album of the year. Known for his ego and narcissism, his latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy explores his inner struggles after a year of bruises; namely, how one man can be celebrated as both villain and hero. It’s impossible to choose a favorite song; they’re all that good. 
Kanye West /// Runaway (feat. Pusha T)

With Gaga, Perry, and Kesha dominating the airwaves – it’s almost excusable to overlook Robyn (yes, the “Show Me Love” Robyn). Since rebranding herself in 2005 the Swedish pop diva has been crafting brilliant electro pop records from the sidelines. Her lyrics have an amazing ability to penetrate deeply and embellish the surrounding melody in a way that makes me want to bust a move and sing along. 2010 has been good to Robyn; she has hit every late night show and performed at the VMA’s, oh and released the best dance album of the year. 
Robyn /// Dancing On My Own

Canadian indie darlings, return with their third album exploring the themes of individuality and suburbia. It’s weird that Arcade Fire will always be sort of handicapped by their first album, but this year they released a great album, the most innovative music video of the year, and one of my favorite song of the year, the unlikely disco-synth driven, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains). 

Half of Outkast returns like the ghost of Christmas past. A long time in the making, Big Boi solo effort is dope. Nuff’ said.
Big Boi /// Shutterbug

Haters gotta hate. After walking offstage in Texas, local Torontonian electro outfitters, Crystal Castles, have received some harsh criticism for their holier-than-thou conceit. They successfully shut everyone up with their fantastic sophomore release. Their attitude may suck, but their music is scary, dark, and shitload of fun.

Sprawling, is an appropriate description for Janelle Monae’s debut full length. Two suites, spanning 70 minutes of rap, R&B, Jazz, rock, dance, and folk – there is a lot to take in. Above the music, it’s her voice demanding attention as it floats through the record. Each song bleeds into the next, creating a sense of cohesion, but there are several twist and turns along the way that are incredibly surprising and rewarding experience.
LCD Soundsystem is slightly condescending in the most charming of ways. James Murphy’s songs typically poke fun directly at the people dancing along to his music. His third album of post-punk electronica is no exception and is the best soundtrack to any house party.

Radio-killa, R&B Gorilla. The-Dream’s final installment in the love trilogy takes off where the last one left off - over the top productions and sultry bedroom slow jams.  Umm… if you didn’t know, he co-penned Rihanna’s Umbrella, and Beyonce’s Single Ladies – yah um… maybe you should check this out.

Not enough rapping? Not enough singing? Everyone has put in his or her two cents about homeboy Drake’s debut album. But the minimalist sounds and honesty found within his lyrics have placed his album on my list. Oh, and ‘Shut It Down’ is the sexiest song of the year.

Like her label mate Drizzzzzzy, Ms. Minaj surprised people when she didn’t quite deliver on her promises. “Where’s the Nicki from ‘Monster’? I want her to sound like that!” Yes, there might be some missteps, but I don’t care, ‘Did It On'em’ hits like a big ol’ sack of potatoes.


  1. Great choices! I've loved Robyn since her "Show Me Love" days.


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